Best 5 Smart Home Gyms under $2,500 in 2022

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Compared to the 1960s, the world has aggressively evolved. Such enviable evolution is pioneered by technology, with just every aspect of our lives becoming digitized.  The rapid adoption of digital technology has more than connected the world into a tiny global village. So much can be done remotely now as well.  COVID-19 was a game-changer, exposing us to the uncharted possibilities of remote life. This, we could say, was just one of the extremely few things we could thank the pandemic for. Consequently, we can’t help admitting that the 9-5 office days are fast becoming extinct as people can now consistently earn a living from home. This could be, for example, via placing bets with some of the biggest bookmakers online, leveraging free betting tips, or working with some of the biggest companies remotely. Another aspect of life that is also rapidly adopting digitization is health and fitness. Today, you can achieve your dream body training from home with Smart Home Gyms, maximizing smart home gyms.

 Smart home gyms are one of the smartest technological disruptions we have seen in the twenty-first century. But before you get caught in the frenzy, remember that not just any smart home gym would cut it.

 What specifically should you prioritize when procuring a smart home gym?


Smart Home Gym Buy Guide: 4 Critical Purchase Considerations

 According to Better Survey, people are snubbing the traditional gym environment because of lack of enough time, childcare, low confidence, and the usually busy nature of the gym. 

 Here are a few features you might want to look out for before making a gym purchase.

  •  Intelligence

 When buying a smart home gym in 2022, it’s important to check out the product’s array of functionalities.

 Core features to investigate include Bluetooth facilities for engaging with a remote trainer, flexible weight settings, live-streaming functionalities, on-demand workout sessions, and space-saving design.

 Ensure your choice relates to your specific needs and smartly help you achieve your fitness goals in real-time.

 Also, check out for touchscreen displays, and performance recording, to name a few. 

  •  Safety

 What’s a gym without safety measures? You shouldn’t have to hurt yourself when getting fit.

 Ensure the gym product you are going for has its wires and accessories stapled safely. 

  •  Size 

 What’s the size like? You are not ready to squeeze a 30-foot-long piece of equipment into the 20-foot-long room you designated for fitness. 

 Check if it’s smartly adjustable, and go for it if it wouldn’t cause your space to feel cranky. 

  •  Compatibility 

 Do you have friends and family who might want to have a gym session at your place? You should consider equipment with great flexibility that allows people of different heights and body sizes. 

 Best 5 Smart Home Gyms Under $2,500 in 2022

 Technology changed it all. The products recommended in this session are remarkable in smartness and productivity. 

 Usable anywhere indoor or protected outdoor environment, this list extensively examines the respective pros and cons of these smart home gyms. 

 Armed with this information, you can make the best buying decision for your preferences and money. 

 Echelon Connect Sport 

 The Echelon Connect Sport is a sturdy and agile fitness gym for fitness enthusiasts who want a silent, adjustable, and technologically advanced gym in their home. 

 The bike made it to our eminent list because it holds a bunch of amazing features for its relatively modest price tag. 


  • 32 resistance levels
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Emergency stop feature
  • Adjustable handlebars and seats
  • Live classes and pre-recorded fitness sessions
  • Great Balance (floor-leveling feet and easy to grip handles) 


  • Heavy 
  • Can’t function unless plugged-in
  • Small water bottle holder

Price: You can buy the Echelon Connect Sport for $1,045

  NordicTrack 1750 

 Hardly would you mention the best 5 smart home gyms under $2,500 without the Nordictrack 1750. 

 The treadmill isn’t the greatest fit for an expert runner, but certainly works well to improve your fitness.

 What’s amazing about this smart home gym

 The Nordictrack 1750 gives unlimited fitness programs to keep you consistent and daring in your fitness journey.  

 Very quiet and protective of the joints, this smart home gym offers software features best maximized with an iFit membership.


  • Quiet and Smooth 
  • Smart with touch screen control 
  • iFit Google Maps
  • Personalized and Data Tracking to offer lifestyle recommendations 
  • Multiple Fitness Programs from certified trainers
  • Incline and Decline feature for quick transitions



  • Tough to assemble
  • Short Warranty compared to competitors (2 years)

Price: You can shop the NordicTrack 1750 smart home gym for $1,899.

  Tempo Studio Smart Home Gym

 Tempo delivers exceptional fitness service using 3D sensors and artificial intelligence. 

 Like NordicTrack 1750, Tempo also offers pre-recorded and live workout programs. The icing on the cake? 

 Tempo offers different workout sessions based on experience level and your workout preference. 


  • Comes with a starter pack that includes a workout mat, dumbbells, collars, and weight plates. 
  • One-on-one feeling and in-person experience with coaches
  • Compact
  • Real-time connection with other users
  • Multiple personalized programs
  • Tempo App to access performance anywhere


  • Weightlifting is a must
  • Monthly $39 membership cost

Price: You can shop the Tempo Studio smart home gym for $2,495.


Peloton Tread Home Gym

 Peleton is a big name in the fitness industry. The treadmill offers an inclining ability of up to 12% and a friendly and smart interface. 

 Talk about lessons and fitness programs, Peloton workout coaches are amazing, and users have access to a wide range of engaging content. 


  • High-quality workout content and programs
  • Smart touchscreen 
  • Anti-smudge surface
  • Subscription can cover both Peloton the bike and the tread


  • Less precise knobs
  • Quite unstable screen when running
  • Rigid and can’t be folded
  • $39 monthly subscription fee

Price: You can shop the Peletom Tread for $2,495.

 The Mirror 

 Launched in 2018, the Mirror gym is among the best smart home gyms that delicately mix functionality and affordability.

 Interestingly, you could have this as a real mirror and check out your cute face, and you can while chasing your fitness goals when you turn on this sleek 52.6 inches height and 21.1 inches width machine.

 This Mirror presents loaded workout sessions spanning several categories, including boxing, dance, kickboxing, yoga etc.


  • Less demanding installation process
  • Double camera for one-on-one personal training
  • Aesthetically amazing 
  • Remarkable audio and visual quality
  • Numerous workout sessions in different categories


  • No attached gym equipment
  • Not a touchscreen 
  • Not so wide 
  • Prone to damage risk when around children

 Price: You can shop the Mirror Smart home gym for $1,495. 

 Deciding which of the best smart home gyms you can buy in 2022 can be daunting. But this review would sure help you make the right choice regarding finance, space, intelligence, and ease of movement.




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