Egyptian Gods tattoo designs

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A lot of people get tattoos of Egyptian Gods. But this Egyptian Gods Tattoo is the most popular one. It is a tattoo of Anubis, who was considered the God of the dead by the ancient Egyptians. The Tattoo is a remembrance of a beloved’s passing over. Many also get this Tattoo to express their spiritual beliefs about the afterlife. Like a lot of Egyptian God Tattoos, this one has a strong meaning.

This particular Tattoo of Anubis has the head of a Jackal and the body of a man. It is tattooed in black with shades of grey to make it look realistic. There is also a swirl of smoke that surrounds him, making him look divine. His attire makes him look royal. The Tattoo perfectly portrays the strong, wise, and fierce protector of the dead.

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Egyptian Gods tattoo designs