Dream of Being a Tattoo Artist? How to Create a Tattoo Portfolio for Your Apprenticeship

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Tattoos are one of the most popular fads in America. It seems like everyone has a tattoo these days. In fact, one in three Americans has a tattoo.

People from all walks of life get tattoos. Movie stars, musicians, and even politicians have tattoos.

With the popularity of tattoos soaring, there is a strong demand for tattoo artists. As a result, the pay is good and the work is steady.

Are you interested in landing a tattoo apprenticeship? The best way to earn an apprenticeship is by creating a tattoo portfolio.

Read on to learn how to create an impressive portfolio. Explore how to make a tattoo portfolio that will turn you into a hot commodity.

An Impressive Cover

In artistic circles, first impressions mean everything. When you submit a portfolio for review, the cover is your first impression. This is your prospective employer’s first look at your tattoo art.

The cover is something that you should personally design. It needs to include tattoo techniques like shadowing.

Also, your cover art should speak to your personality. Make sure to add your name and contact information so the employer can quickly reach you.

Build a Portfolio

The next step is to gather all of your best and most creative drawings. Here, you want to show off a broad range of skills. Remember, future clients, are going to ask for a wide range of tattoos.

This is your opportunity to show that you can handle any tattoo request. It is also a chance to demonstrate how passionate you are about tattoo art.

It is important that you do not fill the portfolio with drawings only. Take time to include or create pieces in a tattoo style.

Add Photographs

Some artwork is too large to include in a handheld portfolio. In other cases, art cannot be inserted due to physical limitations.

The solution is to take photographs of art that cannot be included in a portfolio. There are photo collage templates that can help you organize photos in a creative way.

Organize It

It is important that your portfolio is organized. You want readers to be able to quickly locate a particular art piece.

There are a number of different ways to organize a portfolio. You can arrange it by style or type, among many other ways. It will pass muster so long as it is organized logically.

Include a Resume and Transcript

Many tattoo artists make the mistake of focusing entirely on their art. However, prospective employers are also interested in your background. They want to know more about your work experience and art education.

Including your resume and transcript in the portfolio accomplishes just that. Here, you can explain what type of art training you have received. In addition, your transcript will show what type of education courses you have received.

A Recap of Tattoo Portfolios

You are set to embark on an exciting new career. Your portfolio is a powerful resource that may help you land a big apprenticeship.

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