Can You Use Dove Soap On Dogs

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Can You Use Dove Soap On Dogs

We dog lovers do not want to compromise anything in terms of our dogs’ safety. We have to be careful when using any product on dogs’ skin. While grooming your dog, you may think, can you use Dove soap on dogs or not?

Well, the answer is no. Do not use any product on your dog that is not meant for dogs. Veterinarians rarely recommend using human products as pets. If you ever run out of your dog’s shampoo, better bathe it with water only. Or you can try out an alternative to Dove soap under your vet’s guidance.

All About A Dove Soap

Dove, a personal care brand, manufactures Dove soap. This soap contains a mild cleansing solution that keeps skin youthful and fresh. It has all the minimal ingredients. Like lauric acid, stearic acid, water, maltol, etc.

According to many users, Dove soap moisturises the skin and removes blemishes. Compared to other soaps, Dove soap is gentler and more effective on the skin.

The ingredients in Dove soap can make human skin firmer, not dog skin. So you must think twice before using it on your canine friend.

Can You Use Dove Soap On Dogs?

For humans, Dove soap is one of the most amazing soaps to use on our bodies. Dogs do not have skin like humans. For them, Dove soap may not do wonders like it does for human skin.

Our pH balance is between 5.5 and 5.6, which is on the acidic side. Also, we have an acid mantle, i.e., a thin protective layer, on our skin. It keeps random contaminants at bay. Dogs have a pH balance between 6.2 and 7.4, which is neutral. Besides, dogs do not have a protective layer on their skin like us.

Can You Use Dove Soap On Dogs

We have 10 to 15 layers of skin cells, whereas dogs have 3 to 5 layers of skin cells. What humans use is going to be very sensitive to dogs. So any human product, including Dove soap, is not safe for dogs.

This soap has a pH-neutral formula, which suits human skin. Its use on dogs can lower the pH and make the skin dry. Along with the chemicals and perfumes in Dove soap, they can cause discomfort on a dog’s skin.

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When Can You Use Dove Soap On Dogs?

Suppose it’s your dog’s bath day today. You see its fur and hair becoming dirty and dry. But your dog’s shampoo is over now. You can’t even let go of your pooch without a bath on bath day. Now you may think of using the Dove soap you have in your bathroom.

Dove soap is indeed gentler than any other human soap. But we mean this soap for humans, not dogs. If you don’t have any options except for using Dove soap on your dog, you may be ready.

Remember, frequent use of Dove soap is harmful to your dog. If you are using it for one time only, you probably won’t get any side effects. Also, make sure you are not keeping the dove soap on your dog’s fur for a long time. Wash the soap immediately.

If your dog doesn’t give any reaction right after applying the Dove soap, maybe it’s safe for on-time use. But you must stop using it once you see any sort of allergic reaction after one coat.

Risks Of Using Dove Soap On Dogs

Dove soap has more chemicals and perfumes than you can imagine. Humans can hold them, but dogs cannot. Here are some risks for dogs after using Dove soap:

May Promote Skin Problems

Compared to other soaps, Dove soap is milder with a PH-neutral formula. You must be thinking that dogs also have a neutral PH, so the Dove soap can be suitable for them. Well, no, the ingredients of Dove soap complement human skin, not dog skin. So it may cause unwanted skin issues for your dog.

Soap Poisoning

Dogs are curious animals. Whatever product you apply to them, they will try to lick it. In the same way, your dog may lick the dove soap from his skin. Although Dove soap does not contain any toxic ingredients, it may upset your dog’s stomach. This can cause drooling, vomiting, sickness, etc.

Trigger Allergy

Dogs have sensitive skin. However, sensitive skin cannot withstand a mild soap like Dove. If your dog falls into the same group, he may get allergic reactions after using Dove soap.

Alternatives Of Using Dove Soap On Dogs

Bathing a dog with dog shampoo is the safest. But what if we run out of shampoo when it is your pooch’s bath day? Dove soap shouldn’t be a choice. Then what are the safe alternatives? Let’s check them out.

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Oatmeal does wonders for the skin of both humans and pets with no side effects. In fact, you will find a good deal of oatmeal-based shampoos on the market.

To wash your dog with oatmeal, prepare it like you do for your face mask and hair mask. After it becomes cool, apply a coat of oatmeal all over your dog’s body. Then wait for 2 minutes and wash it off.

Baby Wipes

Like babies, dogs have sensitive skin. These wipes are made to give a gentle touch and are clean. So you can use them occasionally for your dog.

Corn Starch

One of the most beneficial home remedies is cornstarch. Apply it to your dog’s skin without mixing it with water. After some time, brush away the cornstarch from your dog’s fur and wash it properly.

Baking Soda

The procedure for using baking soda is the same as using cornstarch. You just need to dust some baking soda on your dog’s hair and wash it off.

Which Soap Is Safe For Dogs?

Since the pH balance of dogs differs from that of humans, no human soap is going to suit them. Soaps that have dog-friendly ingredients can be safe for dogs.

When you buy a soap for your dog, make sure it has all the moisturising ingredients. Like manuka honey, oatmeal, sweet almond oil, etc. Again, which soap is going to be a better option for your dog depends on its activity.

Can You Use Dove Soap On Dogs

For instance, your dog plays outside every day and gets dirty. In that case, you will need a firmer cleaning agent in your dog’s soap. But if your dog’s skin is too sensitive, and it doesn’t play that much, you can opt for a moisturising soap.

Frequently Asked Questions On Can You Use Dove Soap On Dogs?

What human soap is safe for dogs?

No human soap is safe for dogs to use. But if your dog’s shampoo has run out and you see no other option, in that case, you can go with a baby shampoo.

Is Dove shampoo good for dog hair?

Like Dove soap, Dove shampoo can be risky to use on dogs. Its ingredients are human-friendly, not dog-friendly. Hence, using Dove shampoo on your dog can lead to irritation and skin problems.

Can I wash my dog with just water?

Yes, you can wash your dog with water alone if your dog’s shampoo is gone. Besides, bathing your dog with water won’t strip away the natural oils of the skin like soap or shampoo does.


You may contemplate, Can you use Dove soap on dogs when your dog’s shampoo runs out? Well, we won’t recommend using Dove soap, although it is mild. Human products should not be the first option to clean pets.

If you don’t have dog soap or shampoo, use coconut oil, oatmeal, or baby wipes to clean your dog. Don’t forget to ask your vet if these alternatives would be safe or not. Because your vet will understand your dog’s condition better.


Can You Use Dove Soap On DogsCan You Use Dove Soap On DogsCan You Use Dove Soap On Dogs