49 Exquisite Watercolor Tattoos

5 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

11. This pretty butterfly tattoo.

Butterfly watercolor tattoo


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12. This abstract clock tattoo.

Clock watercolor tattoo. By Justin Nordine


13. This bambi tattoo.

Deer watercolor tattoo


14. This intricate feather tattoo.

Feather watercolor tattoo


15. This incredible compass tattoo.

Compass watercolor tattoo


16. This impressive back piece.

Gorgeous watercolour tattoo


17. This Pegasus tattoo.

Horse watercolor tattoo


18. This dragon tattoo.

Incredible Watercolour Tattoos by Klaim


19. This calming scenery tattoo.

Late Summer Day Watercolor Tattoo


20. This king of the jungle tattoo.

Lion Watercolor tattoo