Postpartum Girdle: Benefits, How to Choose, and the Best Postpartum Girdles for C-section Recovery

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Postpartum Girdles for C-section Recovery

Postpartum girdles are compression garments that support a new mom’s core after pregnancy to help her back to her usual self faster. Also called a post-pregnancy girdle, the medical-grade compression garment fits comfortably around the belly and promotes faster recovery. 

Different from a traditional girdle, the best postpartum girdle is a well-designed and extremely supportive garment that promotes healing after C-section incision. 

As per scientific records, women who deliver by C-section struggle to recover more than others. It is because the incision results in cuts through multiple layers of muscle and tissue. New mothers who undergo cesarean delivery experience more pain and discomfort than other women.

A study, conducted in 2017, concluded that postpartum girdles could help women, who deliver by C-section. Researchers in the study discovered that participants who used a postpartum girdle after the incision experienced less pain and discomfort than those who opted not to use the supportive garment during the recovery phase.     

Benefits of Postpartum Girdles

A postpartum belly wrap or girdle can be useful for women recovering from C-section deliveries and ones with diastasis recti, a medical condition in which the large abdominal muscles separate. Below are some benefits of wearing a postpartum girdle.

  • It helps reduce bleeding and pain during the recovery phase after the C-section incision.
  • It reduces back pain and encourages blood flow.   
  • It supports abdominal muscles to heal quickly. 
  • It improves posture and makes it easier for the wearer to move.
  • It reduces swelling and stabilizes the pelvic floor. 

How to Choose a Postpartum Girdle 

Backed by studies and health experts, postpartum girdles provide an excellent experience for women who choose to buy a postpartum waist trainer or girdle. The market, right now, has many postpartum girdle options, which make it overwhelming to buy the garment that offers the desired support and comfort. 

Here are the criteria to consider:

  • Comfort
  • Design/Construction 
  • Easy of use and support
  • Recommendations by postpartum women
  • Approval by experts 

Best Postpartum Girdle to Buy for C-section Recovery 

  • Bellefit Girdle with Front Zipper

An FDA-registered medical device, the Bellefit postpartum girdle is a useful product for recovery after natural birth or C-section incision. The girdle is comfortable for women of all body shapes, thanks to its individually-sewn back panels that distribute tension evenly. Also, the girdle features a triple-layered and reinforced front panel, and a front zipper to put on and take off the garment easily.  

The front-zipper, which comes with anti-pinch protection and padding, supports abdominal and reduces pregnancy-related excess weight. It encourages a speedy recovery and can be worn during day and night. 

  • Bellefit Bodysuit Corset

It is an open bust bodysuit by Bellefit which increases the rate of postpartum swelling reduction and decreases complications. The corset, which is ideal for a natural birth and C-section recovery, features triple-layered, reinforced front panel and four back panels to distribute tension evenly.   

The bodysuit can be worn the day one is discharged from the hospital. It comes with adjustable straps and rear-end reinforcement to make it easier to wear and remove the corset. 

Bellefit Bodysuit Corset is an optimal option to encourage a speedy recovery after childbirth and increase mobility. Also, it can be worn to relieve back pain and shed pregnancy-related excess weight. 

In the End

Regardless of how a woman delivers a baby, the road to recovery can be painful and uncomfortable. But the best postpartum girdle may offer the much-needed support to recover after a C-section delivery and get back to an active life.   

Postpartum Girdles for C-section Recovery