To Buy or Not to Buy: Are Sex Dolls Worth It?

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According to research, the global sex toys market value is expected to grow to $52.7 billion by the year 2026.

This includes everything from dildos to sex swings, strap-on penises, fleshlights, vibrators, anal beads, and more. While these toys are extra satisfying, there is always that feeling that something missing when playing with inanimate objects.

For those who need some extra hard playtime between the sheets, but just don’t get the satisfaction from a toy, this is where the benefits of sex dolls come in.

The question is, are sex dolls worth it? and the answer is, yes! Sex dolls provide a sense of connection, real-life intimacy, and the feeling of something warm, moist, and human.

Gone are the days when owning a sex doll was weird. Now it is an everyday experience for most people who have a heightened level of sexuality.

Keep on reading to learn more about sex dolls, and why you should add one to your pleasure chest of toys.

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1. Companionship

Some people can get turned on at the thought of sex, while other people need to have more of a mentally-enticing experience to get them in the mood. This leads most sex toys to reach their pleasurable limit when they are used by people who need more of a mental connection.

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Thankfully, the realistic qualities of sex dolls these days have come a long way. Experts predict that by the year 2050, some people will try and pledge a marriage between them and their sex robots or dolls.

2. Gets the Creeps Off the Streets

Rapists and sexual predators are out there, and there is no way to prevent them from making their choices to overtake a woman with their twisted sexual fantasies.

Thankfully, due to the increasing demand of sex dolls and sex robots, many experts believe that this may help to lower the amount of rape and pedophilia encounters.

This is still a hypothesis, however, it is a good argument to believe that the personal satisfaction of a sex doll can help to save thousands of women around the world.

3. Customization

Gone are the days when sex dolls were just like a blow-up pool toy. Nowadays, you can completely customize your sex doll with accessories, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, breast size and shape, and more!

Whether you want a Japanese sex doll with blond hair or a red-haired athletically built doll, the choice is yours. You can even purchase mini sex dolls for your convenience.

Everything from the movement of the sex doll’s joints to the feel of their skin is realistic. Some dolls even come with self-lubricating orifices to add even more of a realistic experience, so you can focus on your pleasure without needing to add some lubrication.

So, Are Sex Dolls Worth It? the Answer Is Yes!

There you have it! If you were questioning before “are sex dolls worth it”? You now know the answer!

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To Buy or Not to Buy: Are Sex Dolls Worth It?