7 Stages Of Grief That You Should Know To Ease Them

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7 stages of grief

Pop culture often refers to the 7 stages of grief. However, the awareness of the stages of despair among the general population is still questionable. The feeling of grief can break you down. Sometimes, it can create a loop when you may jump from one stage to another, wondering how to get rid of it. However, general awareness about its various stages can help you to identify and alleviate them. If you are not aware of the 7 stages of grief, then this friendly post has got you covered. Let’s explore! 

What Does Grief Actually Feel Like?

For every person, grief is different. The 7 stages of grief we’re going to delve into below are the perfect demonstration of how people go through the mourning process. It’s a trying time for everybody to cope with death and deal with grief feelings.

There can be quite a rigorous grieving process for many that come with the different stages of grief. Understanding signs of distress can be a significant guide for anyone of what phases of grief and loss they are going through at the moment.

Grief can lead to confusion, chaos, rage, resentment, and intense sadness. Many who had to go through grief could quickly tell you what their grief felt like and how painful it was for them.

Feeling of Grief

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Why Is It Important To Know The Seven Stages Of Grief?

Knowing the seven stages of grief is helpful because it normalizes difficult habits, often isolating them. For example, months after the initial loss, it is common for a person to go through prolonged isolation, loneliness, and depression.

In fact, when coping with grief, being perfectly healthy is more bizarre. The seven stages of grief are discussed below to better understand the complicated yet essential process of mourning.

Know the grief

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Seven Stages Of Grief

Now that we have developed a fair understanding of the feeling of grief, below are its seven different stages, you need to know: 

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Stage 1: Shock And Disability

A sensation of shock is included in the initial response to loss. It causes numbness to hear that someone you love is gone and fills a person with doubt. This is a form of defense for emotions and can last for weeks.

The stage also represents the suddenness of death, but there is no recipe for sorrow from the cookie cutter. It’s not unusual for anyone to go through this one among the 7 stages of grief to get through the process during funeral planning. 

7 Stages of grief

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Stage 2: Denial

The next level of grief represents the human spirit’s stubbornness. The mind reaches into a state of denial to stop the pain and truth of loss. An individual can dispute the passing of a loved one for weeks, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the death. People are also feeling other kinds of denial.

A grieving person, for example, can deny that the loss affects them in a brutal way. Denial is a type of self-preservation that is close to shock. The familiarity with the stage of an individual helps shelter them from the eventual pain and subsequent grief phases.

7 stages of grief

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Stage 3: Pain & Guilt

When an individual starts to feel the full realization of the death of another, their numbness leads the way to intense emotional pain and suffering. Guilt follows this pain sometimes. An individual can feel the remorse of a survivor or a persistent sense of the possible consequences.

They may feel remorse about lost opportunities or stuff they did or did not do with their loved one before their demise. When going through grief, it’s necessary to feel the full extent of pain. In the long term, masking this stage with alcohol or narcotics just makes it worse.

7 stages of grief

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Stage 4: Bargaining

The next stage is bargaining among the 7 stages of grief. It begins when the shock and pain of loss demands an emotional release from a grieving individual. This stage includes grappling with trying to make sense of failure with destiny or “the powers that be.” There’s nothing, of course, one can do to get somebody back from the dead.

7 stages of grief

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Stage 5: Anger

Anger is stage five of the 7 stages of grief. As an unwarranted reaction to feelings of helplessness, people going through this process appear to rage out at those around them. The sufferer can put undue blame for the death on someone else.

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The experiences of the living are strained by grief. It’s important to find a way to release these intense feelings safely to maintain these relationships. Inability to do so will permanently harm the relationships you have with friends, relatives, or colleagues.


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Stage 6: Depression

People who have never endured depression can have a tough time at this point. Depression dominates your life and is all-encompassing. While going through a stage of depression can seem severe and troubling, it is perfectly safe to do so while grieving.

Depression allows you time to think and heal after all the energy expelled and emotional anguish of the other levels. Taking enough time to experience depression and solitude makes things easier when you are ready to re-enter the world.

Ignore people who tell you to get rid of this feeling while going through depression. It is an inevitable feeling, and you can not resist it. Instead, just as you let yourself feel the other levels, let yourself feel the depression and the emptiness. There is a lengthy time of contemplation and healing.


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Stage 7: Acceptance

Acceptance is the final stage of grief when one stops fighting and gives up on the situation. The sadness and other intense feelings fade away as he transitions to life without the person they mourn. In this stage, a person tries to reconsider life without the person lost. However, things never remain the same. Ignorance is not bliss in this stage, and cleaning out the deceased’s memories will not help. Instead, acceptance is the point where a grieving individual makes a conscious decision to move on and work again toward a sense of normality.


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Final Words!!

This post can help a grieving person to deal with the loss and understand the 7 stages of grief to get rid of the pain. These feelings can be perplexing at times, so it is important to differentiate the feeling of loss from others. To get more astounding posts from us, visit our blog section. 


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