5 Unique Characteristics of the Silver IGR Bar

by in Tattoo

Did you know silver IGR bars are very popular among collectors and investors? Produced by the Istanbul Gold Refinery (IGR), a Turkish refinery, silver IGR bars are highly sort after for various reasons.

For one, they are high-quality, which makes them reliable and easy to trade. Plus, they boast an excellent design and finish, making them perfect for display. 

Recently, the IGR added a 100-ounce weight to its offerings of cast silver bars, making it possible for you to hold a silver bar heavier than 1kg. 

That said, let us take a closer look at five defining characteristics of the silver IGR bar: 

1. Unique Serial Number

The silver IGR bar comes with a unique serial number on the obverse (the side of the silver bar bearing the head or principal design.) This number is just below the IGR logo on the left. The serial number is important because it makes it easier to track your bar and ascertain its authenticity. And this deters counterfeiting and fraud.

For these reasons, ensure that the serial number is present and it matches any documentation you will be given along with your bar. The 100 oz silver IGR bar comes with an assay card containing information like purity, the assayer’s signature, weight, etc.

2. IGR Logo

Another defining characteristic of the silver IGR bar is the IGR logo, the official logo of the Istanbul Gold Refinery. The logo is also found on the obverse just above the serial number and features the words “Istanbul Gold Refinery” and “Melter & Assayer” between two circles.

3. Weight

The weight of the silver IGR bar is printed out on the obverse as well, on the right side. In the case of the 100 oz Silver IGR Bar w/Assay, you will see this writing, “100 TROY OUNCES.”

4. Metal Content and Purity

Just below the weight are content and purity information. Because silver IGR bars are made of pure silver, you will see the words “FINE SILVER” to attest to that. As for purity, you will also see the number “.999.” Essentially, these numbers mean that the silver IGR bars are composed of 99.9% pure silver.

5. No Markings on the Reverse

Unlike the obverse, the reverse, or backside, of the silver IGR bar does not feature any markings. Specifically, the reverse of the 100 oz silver bar lacks stamped markings. Even so, there is a unique pattern on the reverse consistent with the pour of the molten silver when casting.

Add the 100 oz Silver IGR Bar w/Assay to Your Precious Metals Portfolio

If you have been thinking of diversifying your investment portfolio with precious metals, you might to consider the newly introduced 100 oz silver IGR bar. It comes completely encased in cellophane with an accompanying assay card. 

The assay card is essentially a certificate of authenticity detailing information such as the bar’s weight, serial number, and purity. Remember to cross-check the information on your bar with the information on the card to ensure you get the real deal.

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