5 Great Ideas To Help You Store Your Evening Wear

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Getting dressed up in a glamorous garment makes you feel great when you go out in the evenings. Because these clothes are a little more special than the average garment, your evening wear will need extra care and attention. Knowing how to store the clothing for your special occasions can be challenging. 

One of the best ways of keeping your clothing in pristine condition is a long garment bag from organic cotton. These five fantastic ideas will help you to store your evening wear in the perfect condition:

When it comes to storing your evening wear, garment bags are perhaps the most important tool in your arsenal. These bags are a great way of protecting formal clothes, such as suits and dresses, from dirt and dust. 

They are also incredible for transporting your clothes, making them a good choice if you have to travel when going out in the evening. It’s recommended that you invest in garment bags with a small window so that you can easily identify the contents. This is especially key if you have a large number of evening garments.

  • Use Pest Repellants

Pests can be a real problem when it comes to storing clothes. If you fail to detract these pests, your evening wear could get destroyed so that you are unable to wear it again. There are a large number of pests that can eat your clothing, though moths are the worst offenders. 

Luckily, repelling these pests can be super simple, as there are plenty of natural repellents for you to try. Aromatic herbs like dried lavender, rosemary, cedar, mint, and bay can deter moths. This is because these pests hate the smell of the herbs. As a result, you can place these herbs near your evening wear.

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Additionally, you should regularly clean your closet or the area in which you are storing your garments. If you notice any moth eggs on your formal wear, you should clean them immediately. If these garments can’t be cleaned, you may want to freeze your evening attire to kill the larvae. 

  • Box Storage Is Superb

Storage boxes are an ideal addition to your home. They are a particularly great choice if you have limited space in your home, especially in your closet. 

In particular, you should consider putting your evening clothes in acid-free storage boxes. Ideally, you should find sturdy boxes that will protect your clothing. Though you can buy boxes that are specifically designed for clothing storage, cardboard boxes may also be utilized if you want to save money. 

When using this method, be sure to line the boxes with acid-free tissue paper. Carefully fold your garments when putting them in a box. This is especially crucial when it comes to beaded dresses. When you fold these evening garments, be sure to place tissue paper in between the folds.

  • Opt For The Right Hangers

Hangers are one of the most basic methods of storing your clothes, as they will reduce wrinkles and help you to retain the shape of your garments. Yet, it is important to pick the correct type of hanger, especially for your evening clothing.

Wooden hangers are ideal for a range of formal clothes, including shirts. For additional support, it’s an incredible idea to line your hangers with tissue paper. 

  • Ensure That Your Clothes Are Kept In The Right Condition

Lastly, it is important to ensure that your evening clothes are stored in perfect condition. Doing so will allow these clothes to last for a long time. 


Before storing your evening garments, you should get them cleaned. In some cases, it may be best to enlist the assistance of a professional dry cleaner. Otherwise, the smell of your garments can worsen if you store them without cleaning them first.

It’s also recommended that you keep your formal clothes in a dark location. Direct sunlight is not beneficial for your evening wear, especially if it features bold colors. This is because sunlight will cause your clothing to fade. 

Aside from this, you should ensure that your clothes are in a dry and cool location, such as a closet. Dampness can cause mildew or mold to develop, which can ruin your stunning evening attire. Just be sure to ventilate your clothing by letting it breathe occasionally. 

Final Thoughts

Evening wear can make you feel confident at formal events. To ensure that you can re-wear your evening clothing, it is important to use the correct storage techniques. By paying attention to these top tips, you can perfectly store your evening wear.

5 Great Ideas To Help You Store Your Evening Wear