5 Essential Products for Living the Surfer Life

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With the weather warming up, now’s the best time to start planning for your next surfing excursion.But you won’t want to leave home without the right surfing accessories. We’ve got you covered with the trendiest tools and accessories that will improve your surfer game and even protect your health.Get ready for the best surfing season! Read on to learn about the 5 Essential Products for Living the Surfer Life.

  1. Inspector Gadget’s Marine Tool

You gotta pack light for surfing, but sometimes you need gadgets to help you along the way. So what can you do? We’ve got a solution that resolves multiple surfing problems and fits in the palm of your hand. 

Introducing the surfing gadget of the century: the Leatherman Thruster. This multipurpose tool can help you every step of the way in your surfing adventures. So whether you need a spring hook, a bit driver, a wax comb, or even a bottle opener, you’re in good hands when you have this tool handy. 

  1. The Must-Have of Surfing Accessories: Wax Containers

Surfer’s wax is a real life-saver, but sometimes it melts in unwanted areas (read: everywhere inside your bag). Want to improve your surf experience or provide a pal with a surfing gift? Invest in a wax container.

We’ll let you stick to your wax of choice, but we highly recommend getting a wax container to keep your wax precisely where you want it. From Sex Wax to Sticky Bumps, many of your favorite wax brands offer great carrying containers that will really seal the deal (see what we did there?). 

And if you’re looking to mix style to convenience, check out this wooden wax container (it’s even customizable). No matter what wax container you decide on, be sure to grab one before you pack loose wax into your bags again – you can thank us later. 

  1. Take a Break in Supreme Comfort 

Your feet do a lot of work when you’re on and off the waves. Give them the treatment they deserve with Flojos. With this brand of beach shoes, you’re guaranteed comfort, quality, and style in any shoe you select. 

These durable shoes come in a wide variety of options, so you won’t have to fight with friends over who gets to wear which pair. Bonus: they’re fast to dry and easy to clean. So whether you’re running to your next beach adventure or taking a well-deserved rest, you’ll be glad you have this excellent addition to your beach gear. 

  1. Say What?

Many surfers don’t know of the serious ear problems caused by surfing without ear protection. While there are plenty of ear-protecting options out there, none come as highly recommended as the Block Surf Doc earplugs. 

These surfing accessories are so good they’re endorsed by national surfer associations and worn by major US surfing teams. Since they’re attached to a band, they’re also incredibly easy to keep track of. Keeping your ears safe during your surfing sessions couldn’t be easier – just pop on a pair and get your surf on.

  1. Get the Gear!

Whether you’re packing lightly or bringing supplies to share, you don’t want to leave your belongings lying around on the beach. Keep everything close at hand (yes, even out on the waves) with this waterproof surfing day bag.

In addition to being waterproof, it’s also made with a mesh backing material, making a comfortable and fast-drying exterior. We love its multiple storage areas, which make organizing surf gear a dream. The cherry on top of this excellent surf bag is that it’s even inflatable, reducing your chances of losing it in turbulent water. 

Go Catch Some Waves

Surf season is just around the corner – and now that you know of a few more surfer tricks to improve your surfing game, you know just how to prepare. Try these surfing accessories during your next big day out on the waves and enjoy the perks of their convenience.

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