4 Ways The Right Dab Tools Can Improve Your Dabbing

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Women with nicely manicured fingernails use a titanium dabber to

Dabbing is a form of cannabis consumption that’s becoming increasingly popular. Here, you use a device to inhale small quantities of a vaporized drug. However, while it’s easy to assume that all you need is some cannabis oil and a rig to dab, there are quite a few dab tools in the market that can make the process of doing this much easier — and more enjoyable. That said, here are some ways that having the right dabbing tools can improve your experience:

1.Better Flavor

Most of the best dabbing tools are made of titanium. Titanium is a non-reactive metal that’s perfect for dabbing. It’s also very smooth, so it won’t scratch your glass when you heat it and touch it. Titanium is a high-quality metal with a high melting point, so you can heat it to higher temperatures than ceramic or quartz without melting. Plus, in each dabbing session, if you use a titanium nail, it gains a little of your dab’s tasteful seasoning and keeps improving with time.  

Titanium is also known as ‘space metal’ because of its use in aerospace and marine applications. Their ability to withstand extreme temperatures without oxidizing (or rusting) makes them ideal for dabbing. Not only does titanium conduct heat better than other metals, but it’s also more durable than most other materials used for dabbing tools—and certainly more affordable! 

With the right dabbing tool, you can experience the best flavor from your dab, and the dab tools are not limited to titanium ones; you can read this guide for more options.  

2.Better Terpene Retention

Terpenes are what give cannabis its unique smell and taste, as well as its effects. They are fragrant oils extracted from the plant via vaporization or dabbing, which means they can be retained better in the lungs when you use a tool with an excellent airflow system. In other words, when you use the right tool for your desired method of consumption, it can enhance your experience by delivering more terpene goodness to your body! 

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But why are terpenes so important? They give herbal cannabis that is earthy and a scent most people know and love. In addition to making your product smell good, they also provide antioxidant properties. Terpenes can even impact the way other compounds behave in our bodies! It’s no wonder why people are so interested in them. 

So, if you’re new to dabbing or want the best possible experience from your terpene-rich extracts and concentrates, look for a tool with an airflow system that will help you retain those precious terpenes in your body longer.

3.Less Waste

You can use a dab wand to hook your wax so you can use it as little or as much as you want. This tool is also easy to clean and maintain, which is a plus because you want all your dabbing tools to be sanitary. A dirty tool could contaminate the wax more quickly, and even if there are no contaminants in your wax, a dirty tool won’t be able to hold onto it properly for long. 

A cleaner tool means more efficient use of your material (it’s not just about saving money here—you’ll also waste less).

Another way to ensure you use your dabbing material effectively is to use a tool with enough surface area to hold it all. Most people only scoop their wax onto the nail, but it can lead to excess waste because some may get left behind between the layers of the dabber itself.

4.Easier Cleanup

How do you clean your dab rig? If you’re like most dabbers, chances are you don’t keep them clean ever. But if you want to improve your experience and ensure that nothing gets in the way of your next glass of water, it’s time to start cleaning them properly. 

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You might think this means taking out the alcohol or lighter fluid and giving them a good scrub every once in a while—but there’s an even easier way: dish soap! All it takes is some warm water and some dish soap. Just soak the dab rig for about 10 minutes (no longer than 30), then rinse off with warm water and let dry before using again. This method also applies to your dab tools.

Additionally, cotton swabs and wipes can clean those hard-to-reach places of your dab rig. So, don’t forget to include the right cleaning tools in your list.

The Right Dab Tools Can Improve Your Experience, But You Need To Know What To Look For

Dab tools come in many shapes and sizes. They can be made of various materials, including glass, steel, silicone, and other plastics. 

The most important thing to remember is that your dab tool will only be as good as the material from which it’s made—if you use a cheap plastic dabber that scratches and smudges your rig’s nails every time you use it, then that’s how your nail will look after doing dabs with it. On the other hand, if you choose a high-quality dabbing tool, like one made out of medical-grade silicone or steel (including titanium), your rig can last longer by preventing scratching or damage over time.


A lot of ground has been covered here. But, the main takeaway is that the right dab tools can make all the difference in your experience. While there are many variations in the market, this guide will help you navigate them and find what can work best for you. 

Women with nicely manicured fingernails use a titanium dabber toCannabis Concentrate THC on a Dab Tool
Women with nicely manicured fingernails use a titanium dabber to