15 of the Best Shoe Tattoo Ideas and Designs

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Looking to get the sickest tattoo of your favorite kicks? If you’re undecided on what to get we have you covered. Below are fifteen shoe tattoo ideas and styles to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Converse Shoe Tattoo

Chuck Taylors are always in style, why not get a tattoo of this iconic shoe? This would be tasteful in black and white shading.

2. Stilettos

If you want to get in touch with your feminine side, take a step away from the sneaker tattoo and get a heel. You can get a fun, colorful tattoo or black and white.

3. Nike is Always a Hot Shoe Tattoo

If you have a pair of Nikes and love sporting the brand, why not get a pair on your skin? This is a must-have for sneakerhead tattoos.

4. If You’re a Runner, Why Not Sport it?

If running is a big part of your lifestyle you can get a running-inspired tat. This tattoo can be someone running or of a pair of your favorite sneakers.

5. Sandles Can be Tasteful

If you’re getting a beach tattoo why not include your favorite sandals too? They can be sitting in the sand!

6. Your Favorite Shoes and Flowers

Who said shoe tattoos can’t be pretty? You can get a tat of your favorite shoe, like Givenchy’s footwear collection, with flowers to compliment it.

7. Comic Book Inspired

Ever see your favorite comic book character wearing awesome kicks? If so you can get it on your skin in the same style as the book. Even try this with your favorite pair of sneakers.

8. Vans

One of the most popular shoe tattoos is a pair of Vans. Since this shoe comes in many colors, why not get a colorful tattoo?

9. Doc Martins

Doc Martins are popular among hard workers and fashionistas. A tat of your favorite pair of Docs or utility boot is even a great air force tattoo idea.

10. Crazy for Laces?

If you love your laces or the way a laced up sneaker looks you can get it tattooed! The lace design can go atop of your foot or anywhere on your body.

11. Animals in Shoes

We talked about getting your favorite comic book character in awesome shoes on you, but what about your favorite animal? Take your all-time favorite animal and sneaker and combine them.

12. Think Outside the Box

If you’re set on shoe tattooing but are unsure of what shoe to get, think outside of the box. You can get any word or numerals in the shape of a shoe.

13. Red Bottoms

Do you love your pair of red bottom heels? They would make a pretty sick color tattoo.

14. Limited Edtion Sneakers Can Live Forever

Was there a limited launch of a sneaker or shoe that you absolutely love? If so why not get the awesome design as a tattoo.

15. Fairytale Shoes are Cute

If a real sneaker or shoe isn’t your style why not get a glass slipper? The princess in you will be pleased.

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