11 Best Cold Email Warm Up Tools for 2023

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If you want your cold email marketing to be successful, warming up is an integral part of the process that you should consider. Eventually, your email will be in the spam folder, and won’t get any response. It can be a failure for your email campaign.

Therefore, you should consider several Attentive mobile ways to increase open rates and sender reputation, and keep your email from being reported as spam. 

There are two primary ways to manage this process, whether manually or using a tool. You will usually achieve a good sender reputation when you warm up emails manually. However, the downside is that this can be very time-consuming.

On the other hand, it is handy to get started with the help of tools. You don’t need to worry anymore if your email will end up in a spam folder or if you will forget to follow up with your prospects.

If you decide to opt for an automatic email warm-up, you need to find the best features you can rely on to do a great job. In this article, we will give you the eleven best email warm-up tools for your business in 2023:

1. Quickmail Auto warmer

Quickmail Auto-Warmer gives its users the option to warm up emails for free. However, several features, like email verification, need additional costs to purchase credits each time you want to verify your listing.

You can add call steps to your campaign flow, and when you click the call button, Quickmail will dial the number in the app that you have associated with your browser, such as Skype, WhatsApp number, etc.

If you want to increase open rates and lead engagement with email personalization, you can add infographic ideas to your email campaign. It has proven to be a powerful way for email marketing strategy.

2. Folderly

Folderly is known as an all-in-one email delivery platform. It becomes one of the most powerful warm-up tools because it offers a variety of unique features and capabilities to track your daily email progress, run high-volume outreach, identify potential issues, and monitor your email landing folders. 

That way, you can manage to make your email performance successful and never miss a moment when you’re ready for your first mass email campaign.

3. Mailreach 

When you want to optimize your cold email campaign effectively, Mailreach is the answer. It is a special email-warming tool that can improve your sending skills. The first thing you can do is plug in your inbox and it will automatically run on a fully automated schedule.

It includes delivery reports, email blacklists, and DNS checks, as well as intelligent warm-up algorithms to continuously adjust processes for the best results. However, this tool does not offer a multi-channel platform so you cannot connect to other channels, such as social media platforms, SMS, etc. Hence, it only focuses on email outreach.

4. Mailwarm

No more ending up in spam. By responding warmly to your emails every day, Mailwarm enhances the reputation of your senders. A special email warm-up tool is called Mailwarm.

User email accounts will automatically send multiple emails to over a thousand Mailwarm accounts and receive replies as part of the company’s direct email warm-up process.

The user’s delivery schedule determines how Mailwarm will interact with them daily. Therefore, set the schedule well to get optimal results.

5. Lemwarm

Personalize your chill emails, automate your follow-ups, and communicate with prospects anywhere. Lemlist combines cold email with sales automation tools.

Lemwarm is one of Lemlist’s flagship products that focuses on exchanging warm-up emails with real individuals rather than bots, which can increase open rates. In addition, the product states that some of its oldest domains are almost 25 years old and still work effectively and efficiently with the help of the Lemwarm tool.

6. Reply.io

Reply.io is a powerful sales engagement platform that aims to help companies boost their outbound sales processes and reach. 

One of the unique features is its multi-channel platform that offers unlimited access to platforms, not just email but you can also find prospects through LinkedIn, Facebook, SMS or WhatsApp, and a call.

Another cool feature is the use of Reply AI. Reply.io put artificial intelligence to work to analyze your email copy and assess its quality so you can get a better idea of how it went before you hit send. 

Additionally, you can also use Respond to analyze your campaigns and select areas for improvement.

7. WoodPecker

Woodpecker is a tool that aims to provide an “artificial intelligence assistant” for multi-channel sales communications. Its purpose is to serve professionals in generating, selling, and recruiting.

Woodpecker lets you send emails and automated follow-ups. However, it also allows you to set conditions, if met, that will trigger different email actions.

Woodpecker stands out from the rest with its focus on security and bypassing spam filters. This tool can automatically speed up emails to detect duplicates, avoid spam filters, and monitor bounces.

Here are some features that you can leverage:

  • Streaming and email automation
  • Multi-channel capability
  • Spam Filter Bypass Features
  • Email blacklist
  • Bounce monitoring
  • CRM Integration

8. Warm Up Your Email

Warm up your email is Mailshake’s email warming platform that helps you in running email campaigns more effectively. When you want to use it, you have to set the daily delivery volume first. After that, you can monitor your email and email spam score.

They also offer email verification, but you have to buy credits to do so, and it’s done in bulk, not in real-time before each email goes out. In short, you have to pay for this one tool.

But don’t worry, you are given a 7-day free trial opportunity to try various features that can provide you with an easy way in running an email campaign.

9. GMass

GMass is a powerful tool that helps businesses run bulk email campaigns from Google’s Gmail. You can use this tool for free, although some features are paid for. It allows you to manage responses, create recipient lists, and warm up your email account.

This tool is perfect for small businesses that are on a budget and want to make their email marketing process a success through email warm-ups.

10. Warm Box

Warm Box automatically sends emails from your inbox and interacts with them like an ideal prospect. This can improve the delivery capabilities of your email campaigns. Starting from reaching your prospect’s inbox, warm up solutions that improve your inbox’s email deliverability and reputation.

Warm Box is an excellent warming tool with a great UI UX design. Hence, it can be a game changer for your business because it has every basic material that can make your email marketing successful. Not only that, but it also allows you to send spam-resistant cold email campaigns and ensure your emails are delivered to your inbox to increase leads and sales. 

11. Saleshandy

Saleshandy is an email tracking, automation, and broadcast tool that can function as a standalone platform or as an extension for Gmail or Outlook.

Saleshandy’s feature set is pretty standard: it offers follow-up, scheduling emails, and provides email templates. Additionally, you can also include tracking individual links to help you make a better tracking strategy by seeing who has clicked on certain links in your emails.

In addition, the tool offers a mail merge function that you can use when sending a large number of emails.


When you want your email marketing to pay off, you need the right strategy in the process of running the email campaign itself. Not just sending bulk emails from every account you have, will only annoy your recipients, and eventually, your emails will end up in the spam box.

Hence, warming up your inbox is a must-have. You can warm up emails effectively and quickly with the help of some of the tools mentioned above. Feel free to choose the best tools that you think the best suit your needs.