VSCO Bedroom Decoration Ideas To Revamp Your Bedroom

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vsco bedroom

If you are encountering the term VSCO bedroom now and then and still clueless about what it is, then this post can help you out. Besides, you can also get to know how to achieve the VSCO look for your bedroom by reading this post until the end. It is a thematic room decor idea with the help of the pictures and other elements that can revamp the overall look of your bedroom. You can get a picture-perfect background for your bedroom section and decorate your room according to your own creativity. Here’s how you can master the art of VSCO bedroom decoration. Let’s explore. 

What Is VSCO? An Overview

Before proceeding any further with the VSCO bedroom decor ideas, let’s know more about the VSCO. It is formerly known as VSCO Cam, are a photo editing and sharing platform that uses a “creator-first philosophy” to engage users with their own creativity. The app has presets, which are photo filters adjusting brightness, color balance, and saturation to create specific effects. Users can also customize these presets or make their own. 

VSCO Room Ideas

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You can use the app to edit photos and share them on VSCO’s own network, but you can also use it to edit photos and share them elsewhere. Users can upload photos they’ve edited, create a profile and follow others, and repost images from other accounts on VSCO Discover, which is similar to Instagram but with a more minimalist style. Each post also includes what preset was used on the photo, so users can replicate the images they love most.

VSCO Bedroom Decoration Ideas

A VSCO bedroom is an eye-capturing space where you can click your picture at any point in time. The picture-ready environment will make you look bomb because you know your background is set. How you attain that is by letting your creativity loose, and your personality reflects in your room decor. When you or someone else comes into the room, it must feel like your house, and it must scream your name. And there are a plethora of ways to do so with the help of these ideas and suggestions.

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A VSCO bedroom is basically inspired by the VSCO application itself. If you didn’t know, VSCO is a photo editing app; that is all the talk right now. Everyone on Instagram and every photo editing social network uses the app to get the most fantastic photo finish. Below are some VSCO bedroom decor ideas to adorn your bedroom section: 

1: Photo Collage 

You can make a photo collage of pictures that mean something to you or simply make you happy; it doesn’t have to be profound; remember to “let loose.” These images are available for free on Pinterest, Tumblr, and even VSCO. If you have an old magazine that you no longer use, you can simply cut out some pretty pages from it.

Consider how your wall collage would appear in your entire room while creating it. By your bed or strategically setting it as a backdrop for your selfies are the best ways to create a picture collage. Yeah, you should be preparing for the future. If you click a lot of pictures in a certain part of your room, it would probably be best to have your photo collage right behind.

2: Monochromatic Bedroom Look

You will love this room’s monochromatic bedroom look. It’s such a welcoming and calming place. Who wouldn’t want to go to study books here? The theme uses predominantly white with a few pink accents. After a long day in class or at work, soft colors like the pink in this room, combined with neutrals like beige or white, can create a calming sense of calm. The welcoming look is complete with the addition of string lights and a few pictures on the wall.

3: Hanging A Tapestry 

A tapestry hung on an accent wall or above the bed serves as a headboard and a focal point at the same time! Match a favorite theme or design to the color and print of your sheets and comforter, or the other way around. Add a lot of throw pillows and a super soft throw to finish the look.

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4: Add Fluffy Pillows In Your VSCO Bedroom

Every dorm room needs a lot of cute fuzzy pillows and plush throws to keep you warm and comfortable at night. Selfie-lovers will like printed pillows that you can add your favorite quote or your initials on! You can never have enough pillows and throws to create a collection. Besides, You can always add ones you find along the way and can’t live without mixed patterns, fabrics, and colors for a visual and textural treat.

5: Use String Or Neon Lightings

Hang string lights or neon lights over your bed or around a window to make your room more welcoming. String lights illuminate the room with a warm glow and a welcoming ambiance, and they’re also a great backdrop for some selfies.

Cute neon lights add color and appeal to your walls or desk, and they have a retro vibe. Right now, Target has some fun colors and trendy themes such as tropical palms, flamingos, toucans, and pineapples. Their lightboxes are especially neat, with neon letters you can use to customize your message. 

6: Include Captivating VSCO Products To Your Bedroom Space

In addition to the photo editing application, VSCO also offers stuff that can enhance the beauty of your bedroom. You can get a set of inspirational posters to pair with personal photos and neon lightings. Selfie mirrors with marquee lights can help you to capture your special outfits every day with the amazing background of your bedroom. For the lighting, you can get several options, such as neon lightings, LED striped lightings, string lightings, and several others. 

Final Words!

The handy tips discussed in this post can help you to adorn your bedroom with VSCO bedroom decor ideas. It can convert your bedroom into a picture-perfect space where you can click anytime. With the help of the VSCO application, you can get special effects for the pics. You can keep them for your next photo collage. If you are feeling amazed, visit our blog section to find more awe-inspiring posts. 


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