Why Is My Computer Making Buzzing Noise When Playing Games?

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Computer Buzzing Noise

You’re playing your favorite high-resolution game. The graphics are intense, the gameplay immersive, and the sounds are so captivating! And that’s when you hear it. There’s a high pitched computer buzzing noise.

First, you stop and wonder if it’s coming from your game. You mute the speakers, but the Computer buzzing noise is still there! To your dismay, it is coming from your CPU.

What’s All the Computer Buzzing Noise About?

Modern gamers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what their machines can handle. Graphics that are more and more life-like and immersive require more and more processing power. Most processes that require power emit vibrations, which we all know, can sometimes produce sound. 

The good thing is, most of the time, these vibrations are inaudible. Usually, we are accustomed to hearing our cooling fans kick on when they need to regulate the temperature or when drives start spinning to store your data. But anything more than that usually raises concern. The computer buzzing Noise you hear when your computer is operating under a heavy workload is known as coil whine.

What is Coil Whine?

Coil whine is the annoying, high pitched, screeching noise your computer makes when it is overworked.

On a more technical note, it is an irritating noise created when your computer’s electronic components vibrate as power flows through them. All the components in your computer do this. Sometimes these vibrations occur at an audible frequency, especially during high power usage, like in modern high graphics gaming.

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Though this buzzing can be quite loud and alarming, there isn’t anything to worry about. Your computer is not breaking down and it isn’t going to explode on you, just in case you were wondering. But it sure isn’t enjoyable, and I’m sure you’d like to find a solution to it.

What Can I Do About It?

Because coil whine is literally audible vibration coming from highly powered hardware components in your machine, there is no easy way to fix it. There is no way to fix the issue through software or a program. You need to deal with it at the physical site.

  • Dampen or absorb the noise

Basically, think about trapping the noise inside your PC casing using sound-absorbing materials like foam or rubber, like insulation in a car. Or dampen the noise on the component itself, just like the strings on a tennis racket! Apply foam tape to the areas where sound could potentially leak out of the casing. Check your front, top, and side panels for any holes you can close. Obviously, the openings for fans need to stay open to ensure proper airflow and cooling.

  • Change out the noisy component

If you’re a tech wiz or just really good at treasure hunts and you somehow manage to locate the origin of the noise, then replacing the part in question might be an option. This, however, is quite an expensive fix for this non-essential problem.

  • Just live with it

As we’ve mentioned before, coil whine is nothing to worry about. There’s nothing in your PC that is about to explode or break. Getting yourself a set of noise-canceling headphones will probably be less expensive than changing a computer component and is definitely less of a hassle. Plus, you’ll probably get better sound quality, leading to a more immersive gaming experience.

  • Play a game that is less graphics-intensive
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Go Play!

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Why Is My Computer Making Buzzing Noise When Playing Games?
Computer Buzzing Noise