Why Choose CBD Oil Instead of Over-the-counter Medication?

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Many patients are leaning towards natural remedies rather than over-the-counter medication. With the focus shifting from chemically created medicines to natural and organic living, hemp products have gained a lot of attention. 

The natural compounds found within the cannabis sativa plant family have proven to treat many medical conditions’ symptoms. Read this to learn more about the different kinds of Cannabis plants. 

There are still a few misconceptions regarding CBD products. Cannabis is known in street lingo as marijuana, hemp, weed, and pot. Despite popular believe, not all cannabis products have a psychoactive effect on the user. 

Active ingredients within cannabis are CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Put simply, CBD is the compound that has excellent medicinal benefits to the user, while the THC compound creates the ‘high’ feeling used as a recreational drug. 

Scientists and researchers have developed different extraction methods to extract pure cannabidiol from the hemp flower, completely removing THC. As a result, people with numerous medical conditions can use CBD to help cope with the symptoms. Eliminating the THC compound, users can feel more secure in giving cannabidiol oil products a go, as it holds no psychoactive effects. 

You can get more info on these kinds of products by contacting credible dispensaries. 

Why Choose CBD Oil Instead of OTC Medication?

There are many reasons why people are saying ‘no’ to over-the-counter medicine and saying ‘yes’ to CBD products. Here are all the reasons why you should too: 

It’s not Addictive

Many prescription medicines like opioids and painkillers can be addictive. For any users with an addiction background or who are prone to addiction, cannabidiol products are great alternatives. They don’t hold any physical addictive properties and won’t cause any dependency. 

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Medication like opioids can lead to substance abuse in many users. 

It’s All Natural

Unlike prescription medications, cannabidiol products are completely natural. Prescription drugs and OTC medications can be infused with chemicals and unfamiliar ingredients.  Most dispensaries, selling cannabis products, will have detailed ingredient sheets available that are completely transparent. 

With the world starting to be more health conscious, especially about things we introduce into our systems, it’s great to know that cannabis products have no added chemicals or preservatives. 

The compounds have been studied and tested by scientists. Studies have proven that the product is completely safe to use. Children and adults alike can use the product to ease pain and control symptoms from various medical conditions. 

It’s not recommended to pregnant women though, as it might cause complications in the birth or the unborn child. Further studies are still to be done on this matter. 

It Has Loads of Medical Benefits

Low levels of THC can be found in some CBD products. This compound holds pain-relieving properties, in the same way that cannabidiol does. Here is a list of health benefits that this natural medicine provides: 

Pain Relieve – Anyone suffering from chronic pain can benefit from this product. By communicating with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), receptors are released within the body. Ultimately affecting the nervous system and acting as a pain relieve. 

Symptoms of Cancer – Studies have shown that cannabis oil can reduce cancerous tumor sizes. Ultimately having a preventative effect on cancer. Patients undergoing chemotherapy, has also testified that CBD oils help relieve symptoms from the therapy. 

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Learn more about how Cannabis oil can assist in cancer treatments here: https://cbd-international-treatments.com/cannabis-oil-helps-cancer-treatment-kill-cancer-cells/ 

Mental Health – One of the most common purposes of CBD oil products are its active effect on anxiety and stress. Natural compounds are released within the body, having a calming and relaxing effect on the mind. This also encourages the release of the pleasure hormone, that enhances positivity and a better mood. 

Insomnia – Because cannabidiol has such relaxing effects, it can help treat insomnia. Instead of drinking chemically induced sleeping tablets, individuals can now have a drop of oil with their tea before bedtime and enjoy a sound sleep throughout the night. 

Appetite – Known as ‘the munchies’, products that contain CBD can encourage hunger. As well as stimulate the operation of the digestive system. 

Knowing that CBD oil products are completely natural with no additives and that it can treat medical symptoms in the same way as OTC medication, are great reasons to switch from over-the-counter medications.

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