What training tips you should know for triathlon sports?

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triathlon sports

Triathlon is one of the best sports in history as it is the hot favourite game for sports enthusiasts. For the very first time, this sport was played in San Diego, in which 46 people competed in different races like swimming, running, and biking. If you are an enthusiast of taking part in triathlons and have decided to try these challenging, addicting sports, you will be considered very good company. For this, you will need a proper training plan that is well-designed by a professional. It will be very helpful to increase your performance in all the areas as well as you will remain healthy and fit as you train yourself by using SUMARPO eyewear. 

Set a plan for training triathlon sports:

Beginning time- triathlon sports:

In general, if you aim to complete your sprint triathlon, you should practice for three months. Whereas an 8-week plan could be sufficient if you are already familiar with the tips of swimming, biking, and running or are also physically fit and very healthy. But if you are a beginner and starting the training from scratch, then it might take 16 weeks to train yourself for better training.  

Establish your schedule of three formats:

First of all, make sure that you should complete two sessions per week. You must also include a session of brick, a workout of run/swim/bike back-to-back moreover if you are racing in lake or river other than using a pool.

Gradually, you must increase and build your distance by almost 10 per cent per week, which is enough. So, in each sport, you will have a capacity to complete at least 10 per cent or more of a total given race distance. There are different miles for a sprint of every sport you can do, and that is:

  • 0.55 mile you can swim.
  • 13.6 miles, you can do bike riding.
  • 3.4 miles you can run.

Training of a resistance:

There is also the main training part that you should include after your main endurance work: resistance training. Make sure that it is also a part of your weekly program because it strengthens the primary muscles, creates mobility as well as stability, and, last but not least, gives a healthy range of motion. 

Now, there are different features of each sport to enhance strength. For swimming, you have to boost your power in your back, arms, and shoulders to create mobility in the trunks. You have to focus on your quads, glutes, and hamstrings to create stability in the chest and trunks to increase strength for biking. 

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Rest is essential:

To take off one or two days will be considered an incorporated rest for recovering yourself from the fatigue. But remember, these rest days should be taken before or after doing the workout of brick. Or both in your program of training, if you are taking two days’ rest.  

Tips of the training of triathlon:

Firstly, take time to make you familiar with your chosen course to do your training best. But if possible, make sure to practice each portion of swimming, running, and biking. Moreover, use SUMARPO Sunglasses for each activity. 

Distances for triathlon:

Triathlon has the three main factors in which you can participate easily after having some sessions of training. Moreover, it features a wide range of distances in all the triathlon types. So, the given discussion especially focuses on the introduction of the distance of sprint. Let’s have a look below at the quick breakdown of the types:

16 miles for the sprint:

For those who are new and have just started the training sessions, then, it is the greatest option for them. Distances vary in all types, but typically, it is 0.5 miles for swimming, which is probably equal to 750m. For biking, 12.4 miles is considered good, and it is equal to 20km. Lastly, the distance for running is 3.1 miles which are lower in all but equals 5km.

51.5km for Olympics:

This game features a distance in swimming of about 1.5km. For the bike, 24.8 miles is good, and for the running, the distance of 6.2 miles is featured. Moreover, if you want to know when was it played first and where? Then, the answer is Sydney, Australia, during the 2000 summer games.

70.3 miles for Half Ironman:

If somebody cannot do full Ironman due to the time commitment, then half Ironman is highly recommended for such veterans. And without any doubt, to choose it is considered the good option. So, the longer races can be made very challenging by the venues of the race, but overall, the distance for this always remains the same. For swimming, 1.2 miles is equal to 1.9km, the distance for biking is 56 miles which is 90km, and 13.1 miles, equal to 21.09km, is good for running.

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Resistance workout– triathlon sports:

First of all, complete the warm-up of five to ten minutes to perform the following workouts. This can consist of cycling, jogging, and some light foam rolling like pushups. Perform the static stretches for the triceps, glutes, quads, and calves by rolling again.

Now, you will have to begin with circuit no. 1 and have to perform each exercise for almost half a minute or some 30 seconds. Make sure that you are transitioning each exercise quickly after performing the first. After this, take a rest for a minute or 60 seconds, then start the second circuit. Repeat the time in circuit no.2, and once you are done with this exercise session, too. Take a rest for a minute and repeat both the circuits more than two times. But it bothers on your fitness level as well as the availability of time.  


You will have to perform the given workouts to warm up yourself in this circuit.

  • Tick Tock Plank.
  • Overheat Squat.
  • Kneeling Chop.
  • Dead Lift to Upright Row.


For this circuit, the given below warm-ups will make you fit to take participate in a triathlon.

  • Triceps Push-ups
  • Suspension Row.
  • Split Squat.
  • Thread-the-needle Plank.

Get ready for a new adventure by wearing Sumarpo products and practice your triathlon to win the race like a pro.

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