Wet Cleaning vs. Dry Cleaning: Which professional service is more efficient?

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Anyone who wears a suit for work understands the value of a good dry cleaning service. However, you may not know there are two types of cleaning methods, dry cleaning and wet cleaning, and the differences between them are pretty drastic. Dry cleaning uses chemicals and heat to remove stains, whereas wet cleaning uses water and EcoClean detergent to clean your clothes. In this article, we will examine the advantages of each method. 

Benefits of Wet Cleaning

Far More Eco-Friendly 

Dry cleaning has long been criticized because the chemicals required to perform the service are harmful to humans and the environment. Groundwater runoff from the dry cleaners will always enter our water supply. 

The biggest chemical to worry about is perchloroethylene, which was classified as a harmful chemical in 1991 and is still being used today. Even though numerous studies have proven, it is harmful to humans and the earth. Wet cleaning services are conscious of the environment and use EcoClean detergents to do their part in protecting our planet. 

You Get a Better Clean

Dry cleaning uses a series of chemicals to target stains, which may be effective at removing stains but doesn’t give a full clean to your clothing. Wet cleaning uses water and detergent to not only remove stains but also completely clean your clothing.

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Ideal For Those With Sensitive Skin

It can’t be overstated how harsh the chemicals associated with dry cleaning are to your body and clothing, especially perchloroethylene. If you have sensitive skin, using a dry cleaning service can wreak havoc on your body. Wet cleaning uses gentle chemicals to fight stains so you can be relaxed when wearing your recently cleaned shirt. 

Keep Your Whites White

The harsh chemicals used by dry cleaners have been shown to dame the fabric of your clothing. If you have used a traditional dry cleaner service before, you probably have noticed over time, and your white starts turning gray. 

Additionally, the chemical perchloroethylene has been shown to leave yellow stains over time. Wet Drying and its EcoClean solution will keep your whites white for a long time. 

Clothes Last Longer and Feel Softer

Due to the high temperatures and harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning, the fabrics of your clothing will deteriorate over time. Wet cleaning services use cold temperatures and EcoClean chemicals that are much more gentle on your clothing.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning 

Ideal for Non-Water-Soluble Stains

The main benefit of dry cleaning is that it’s better at attacking non-water soluble stains, such as oil and grease. However, even though wet cleaning uses water, there are specialized detergents to get rid of oil stains.

Wet Cleaning Is The Way To Go

The advantages of wet cleaning far outweigh the benefits of dry cleaning. And even dry cleaning’s largest advantage of removing non-water-soluble stains can be reproduced by wet cleaning with specialized detergents. If you want a cleaning service for your clothes, we recommend a wet cleaning service.

Wet Cleaning vs. Dry Cleaning: Which professional service is more efficient?