Vape Tattoos

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Vape Tattoos

In the tattoo world, there are all kinds of tattoos that people want.  A lot of people focus on names since they have a good deal of meaning for them.  A loved one like a wife or girlfriend can be tattooed on their body or a loved one that passed away is also a popular tattoo that gives that person a reminder of those that are no longer around.  We have also seen a lot of tattoos of children on people as well as constant reminders. When you think about tattoos you think about what is important in your life or what is your favorite thing.  There is a new phenomenon creeping up in the tattoo world and that is vape tattoos. We will talk about the different themes and types of this new phenomenon here.

Vape Bottles

When it comes to favorites, vape juice is an easy thing to point at.  For example, if you LOVE Ruthless Grape Drank (easily purchased from online retailers like, you can put an image of the bottle on your arm to show your allegiance to the brand and the flavor.  Even though the prevailing juice is in the ubiquitous chubbies, the better and more interesting tattoo would be that of the glass bottle complete with focus on the eye dropper and the color of the liquid.  It also may be that the liquid is coming out of the eye drop for an interesting take on things.

Vape Mod

Of course, it would be very interesting to have a vape mod as a tattoo.  There are a lot of things that you can do with the vape mod as well. From the size, to the color to the individual rivets that the contour of the device has, there are a lot of directions that could be gone with the mod itself.  There are some examples of clouds that sit behind the mod and that could add for a very different and interesting tattoo.

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Negative Vape Images

There have been a lot of news and press surrounding the vaping in a negative light.  Kids vaping is one as well as the death as it related to vaping. Since skulls are a very popular image amongst tattoos, there are plenty of vape images where it is a skull that is actually vaping to show a cause and effect of vaping in general. 


Reminders as saying are also big in this genre of tattooing.  There are quite a few of the cigarette imagery and the reminder to quit smoking as a tattoo.  Like a broken cigarette and “Break that Habit Yo!” as the caption is one that is out there.


The last thing we can touch on is cartoon sketches in tattoos.  Cartoon style tattoos are known as new age and since there are many kids vaping, there is definitely a play on cartoon figures and vaping as well.  Cartoon characters with a vape in their mouth is something that is quite popular amongst the vape tattoo artists.

Vape Tattoos
Vape Tattoos