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Email Marketing Practices

Business-to-business is when a business caters to other businesses with products and services that they’ll need to prosper in their own business endeavors. That’s why it’s important to make your B2B email marketing practices strategy work for you. 

But how do you go about your B2B email marketing strategy?

Since you’ll be emailing prospective clients and existing clients, you’ll need to speak to them in ways that allow them to be confident whenever they do business with you. That means you’ll need to be a source of information for your clients. And, it means that you have to set emotions aside in favor of a more professional demeanor in your emails. 

That’s where B2B email marketing comes in!

In this article, we’ll discuss why B2B email marketing is essential, as well as the 5 best practices for such a marketing strategy.

Why Is B2B Email Marketing Important?

“Email marketing lets you be in control of your customer base,” says William Hemsworth, a business writer at Last minute writing. “While social media outlets only let you wait for users to come to you, emails can get you to them on a personal level. This is a luxury that you can’t get from social media, since there are many social media accounts that want to grab your consumers’ attention.”

With that said, when B2B companies take advantage of social media, they’re opening themselves up to a market that might be bigger than one that they already cater to. In other words, you might be missing out on a gold mine, if your business doesn’t look into social media.

5 Best Practices

So, now that you know how important it is to implement B2B email marketing into your strategy, it’s time to learn some of the best practices in this kind of business. While there are so many ways to put B2B email marketing to work, here we’ll introduce 5 practices that you’ll need to know. So, if you’re serious about making your B2B email marketing strategy work for you, then read on!

Filter Business AND Non-Business Leads

First, take the time to think about your leads. With B2B email marketing, you’ll need to generate plenty of leads for your initiative. As you can see, lead generation is an important part of your B2B email marketing strategy. Therefore, lead generation comes first. 

However, no two leads are alike. In other words, you’ll get many kinds of leads when they come to you. Depending on the demographic, you’ll need to filter them in two different categories: business and non-business.

How you tailor your message to clients will affect how your leads will be generated via email marketing. Keep these objectives in mind:

  • What are B2B clients looking for?
  • What are they expecting from you?
  • Why are they coming to you? AND
  • How can you cater to their needs?
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Therefore, when tailoring your email to clients, you’ll need to understand the needs and wants of both businesses and non-businesses. Understanding this blend of clients will help you craft great emails every time.

Pick The Right Email Service Provider

Next, you’ll need a reliable email service provider for your B2B endeavors. While many email service providers may work the same as each other, not all providers are alike. That’s why it’s important to do your research before taking your email marketing strategy to the next level. Using an email scraper tool online is also a great help to reach your target audience and generate more leads. So make sure to choose the best one. 

Now, in the event that you don’t want to use an email service provider, consider this: Web-based providers like WordPress offer email delivery features. The WP Mail SMTP plugin can be installed onto your computer. Afterwards, you can have leads voluntarily give you their email addresses, so that they can subscribe to your emailing list on their terms. 

Just keep in mind: Email platforms like Yahoo and Google will check for spam. If they detect any spammy emails, then they’ll send them to the Spam folder for email recipients to empty out. So, make sure that your email service provider respects spam rules of said email platforms. 

No matter which email service provider you use, you’ll know that email is top priority.

Create A Winning Subject Line

Believe it or not, subject lines are a key component in your email marketing strategy. While the subject line may seem like a minimal component, it can actually affect how your email is recognized by the recipient. In other words, your subject line can mean the difference between having your email be opened, and having it thrown away without opening. 

In that case, you would want your subject line to be effective and attractive. Effective, because you want people to see the reason why they need to open your email. And attractive, because it has to be eye-catching, in order for the email to be noticed among a sea of other messages.

When crafting your subject line, keep the following objectives in mind:

  • Be informative.
  • Create curiosity.
  • Be to the point. AND,
  • Be creative.

If you nail these objectives, then you can use your subject line (along with similar ones you’ll create) for your next email campaigns. 

Focuses Your Email On Information, Facts, And Profit

Keep in mind: B2B and B2C are not the same thing. While B2C communication focuses on emotional responses, B2B communication is aimed at informational and profit-based purposes. 

Also, remember that B2B customers are different from regular B2C customers. Why? Because people making purchases for their business are only focused on making more profits. So, things like customization or making them “feel good” about a product isn’t as important as the numbers. 

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Therefore, in your emails, you need to provide the information, the facts, and the profit-driven content.

Have A Good CTA 

Finally, you’ll need an effective call to action (CTA) at the end of your email. While there are many email templates that you can use to have a CTA in your message, you can also add clickable links to your emails, so that people can take the necessary actions. 

Remember: You’ll only need 1 CTA, so that it doesn’t look like you’re pestering the email recipient with too many clickables. Plus, having only 1 CTA in your email makes it look less spammy.

Examples of great CTAs include the following:

  • Asking email recipients to click to learn more about a product or service
  • Asking recipients to click to complete a survey that can help your company improve in the future
  • Having recipients take advantage of a promotion, and special offer such as b2b loyalty programs.

Again, you’ll need to create one – and only one – effective CTA at the end of your email, so that the entire message isn’t spammy. Otherwise, either Yahoo or Google will send your email to the spam folder, and or recipients will delete without opening. 


Ultimately, your email marketing strategy for B2B will rely on the practices that you implement. So, be sure to test practices, and see which ones are effective for your strategy.

Remember: As a B2B email marketer, you’ll need to understand the needs and wants of various B2B businesses and non-businesses, since they’re your main clients. So, to recap:

  • Filter all leads
  • Use a reliable email service provider
  • Write eye-catching subject lines
  • Inform, AND
  • Have effective CTAs

We hope that these 5 practices will get you on the road to great B2B email marketing! Good luck, marketers!

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