Top 6 Men’s Flannel Shirt Styles of the Season

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Flannel Shirt styles

The weather is changing, and many men are getting ready for winter. It’s cold out there – at least in some parts of the world – and when this happens, it’s time to bundle up. But bundling up doesn’t always have to mean that you need to head outside and brave the elements. Sometimes all you need is to put on a nice flannel shirt styles. 

Some wonder if they have to stay in jackets all day. Some shirts are suitable for the winter season. They are classic shirts for the fall season, but all are equal. Considering that this is one of the most common pieces of clothing in a men’s closet, you have to make sure it is high quality and looks great on you!

Flannel shirt styles are good for you as you prepare for the upcoming season. Read on from this post to find the top ten men’s flannel shirts for the season.

  1. Classic Plaid

Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt is an excellent choice for various occasions this fall. This blue plaid shirt features a button-down collar and left chest pocket for a more traditional look that you’ll love to show off when heading out for the night on the town. Wear it with your favorite pair of khakis or jeans to give your look an instant boost of stylish appeal.

  1. Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt 

The short-sleeve button-up shirt is a great option for people who want that checkered look but live in a climate that’s too warm for long sleeves.

  1. Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt 
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The long-sleeve button-up shirt is great for colder climates. It’s just as stylish as the short sleeve version but more appropriate for winter and can be layered with leather jackets and scarves. 

  1. Bonobos Signature Flannel Shirt
    The Bonobos Signature Flannel Shirt is an updated version of the classic plaid flannel, featuring a two-button cuff and collar. It gives it a more modern look than most flannels on the market. It comes in multiple colors, ranging from lighter greens to deeper reds and blues. 
  2. Turtleneck and Flannels

These shirts have a few variations to them but are a long overshirt with a foldable collar that you can wear up or down, depending on how cold it is outside. These shirts are great for layering and wearing with just about anything in your closet, including turtlenecks.

  1. Wool Flannels

If the weather outside is frightful, this wool flannel shirt is delightful. This soft and comfortable shirt will keep you warm all winter long. A thicker fabric gives this shirt a more robust appearance and is perfect as an outer layer during cold months. A neutral color palette means it will go with anything in your closet, from jeans to chinos to dark-colored slacks.


These shirts are the most versatile and popular items of clothing that have recently gained widespread popularity. Many people wear them as casual, everyday attire, while others wear them only on special occasions. They can be worn in nearly any situation, in any environment, and they’re great for men who aren’t comfortable wearing ties and suits. 


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Flannel Shirt styles