Top 5 Roll-Up Banner Designing Tips You Should Remember

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If you want to advertise your services and products or your business at a trade show, you must always choose roll-up banners. They are considered as one of the most important tools that can help you to gain popularity at trade shows. In other others, roll-up banners work as fire-and-forget advertising. You should showcase these banners in the places where people will congregate. The people will notice your brand through the banners while they wait in line. This is why roll-up banners serve well as a point-of-sale or point-of-contact material. However, if you focus on boosting the effectiveness of roll-up banners among your customers, it’s important to come up with the right design and relevant information for your banner. Today, we will discuss some roll-up banner designing tips that will enhance the impact of your brand.

Include the Logo at the Top

The vertex of your roll-up banner is important and you should use that space to display any pertinent information or the logo of your company. This is because most people start noticing a banner from its peak position. After including the logo, display your main message at eye level. This will grab the attention of people as they walk past the banner.

Use High-Quality Images

Every business owners love to use images or pictures on their roll-up banners. This is the main reason why people invented banners. If you consider using images in your banner, make the quality is high. Additionally, don’t forget to set the resolution to 300 dots per inch. According to Briley Design Group, make sure to save the images as CYMK color mode (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black)

Choose the Colors Wisely

If you want to stand out from the crowd in a trade show or exhibition, you should carefully choose the colors. The colors you choose must be relevant to the logo of your company as well as the events. Additionally, just be aware of the background color of your banner. This will help you to support your logo. For example, your approach will be ‘serious’ if you use black and grey colors. On the other hand, some bright colors like orange and red will help you to grab people’s attention. 

If you’re confused regarding your color scheme, you can always visit some reputed websites such as Adobe Color CC to figure out.

Choose the Perfect Banner Size

There are tons of different sizes available for tabletop banners. You can choose from 6 feet retractable banner to a 13-inch tabletop retractable banner. 

However, keep in mind that the banner size depends on your choice of advertisements. If you want to advertise your business to a larger pool of audience, then it’s suggested to choose large banners. But, if you’re thinking to use roll-up banners to complement other advertising products, then a small banner would be perfect for you.

Don’t Hesitate to Improvise

It’s okay if you be confused while designing your roll-up banners. However, if you ever find yourself in this overwhelming situation, you should always go for improvising. Choose the designs you love and showcase them throughout the entire event you’re attending. No matter if the design is attractive or not, you’ll receive feedback from people. This will help you to choose better designs the next time. Remember that roll-up banners don’t have any limitations on the designs. So you can combine a bunch of different designs to boost effectiveness.


These are the 5 designing tips for roll-up banners. We hope that these tips will help you in the future to design a great and attractive roll-up banner. An attractive banner not only gains the attraction of people but also promotes classic word-of-mouth marketing. 


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