Top 5 Online Food Delivery Apps Across the Globe

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Top 5 Online Food Delivery Apps Across the Globe

Evolution in the industries and business sector is consistently finding and creating innovative concepts to remain at the top of the market. The advanced-technology has a lot to offer the industries and business sectors to enhance themself and offer exciting things to them. The concept of digital solutions is very active in the market these days, and almost all people are getting its benefits. The advancement in the internet has helped in creating this revolution called the digital revolution. The Digital revolution has been assisting the businesses and industries in transforming digitally to boost their business as well as to step forward with the latest technology trends. The existence of smartphones and the development of the internet and Online Food Delivery Apps have combined created magic in the day-to-day lives of all sorts of people across the globe.

Food delivery service is one of the business models that have adopted the digital solution effectively and has gained immense popularity all over the world. People got fond of the food delivery service, and the food delivery business’s market size is increasing at a rapid pace. It has now reached the value of US$151,526 Million worldwide with more than 1300 Million users. The food delivery services have become an ideal business model for entrepreneurs to watch out for. They can create a restaurant ordering system to get started for delivering the food.

Leading Online Food Delivery Apps Serving The People Across The Globe

Leading Food Delivery Apps Serving The People Across The Globe

1. DoorDash

DoorDash is an American-based food delivery platform that has become very popular for its excellent food delivery. It was established eight years ago in the year 2013 and has become successful within a short time in the market. As per the latest stats and reports, it has become the world’s largest food delivery service provider, and that is one of the incredible feats achieved by them in a short span. They have maintained the standards of delivering quality food services to give users excellent experiences. DoorDash valuation has reached $16 Billion in its latest funding round. In late 2020 they have successfully made it to release their IPO and strengthen their foot in the market to offer more quality service and satisfy their large customer base. They have the expertise to extend their service and catch the public attention successfully, thus achieving their targets effectively. They are currently serving in three countries, including the United States, Canada, and Australia.

2. UberEats

Uber is a famous name all over the world as it is considered the pioneer of online services. Uber started its food delivery service in 2014 with the name UberEats. They have started their operation quickly and smoothly as they were already famous for their ride-sharing service across the world. They are the best in terms of technology, and they always find ways to serve their audiences very well. Their main advantage is that their ride-hailing business is already operating in major countries. That helped them expand their business in these countries rapidly, and they have started running their food delivery service in around 45 countries worldwide. UberEats’ business model has been very successful and popular by providing customer-centric service. Thus, just like Uber, it is comfortably creating its name and mark in the food delivery market effectively.

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3. GrubHub

GrubHub is another leading online food delivery service provider that was at one point in time one of the largest food delivery service firms, which was crossed by DoorDash recently. It is single-serving its food delivery service in the only country, the United States, and operating in more than 3000 cities in the entire region. The fact is that their revenues crossed one billion by serving the US itself, which is quite an extraordinary feat to achieve. Their customer-centric approach and desire to achieve more and more success has kept them pushing with valuable efforts and determination. They have started extending their service to get more customers and achieve targets efficiently by partnering with various other brands and food delivery service providers. They steadily and effectively captured the US food delivery market over the years. People are enjoying the smooth food delivery operations, and they have become the people’s preferred choice for food delivery service in the entire United States.

4. Postmates

Postmates is one of the popular food delivery service providers in the world, which started its service in 2011 and majorly serving in the cities of the US. They have recently merged with UberEats to offer much more efficient services to the customers. Its business model is the same as the other food delivery service, and there is no significant business operation difference. They have been actively serving the exciting food delivery service to the customers in the areas they served and have captured the food delivery market effectively. Customers have enjoyed their food delivery service. They have a large base of loyal customers, which made them the landmark of achieving one billion revenues, which is an excellent achievement in the food delivery service market. They have successfully merged and partnered to extend their service to achieve the target and success.

5. Zomato

Zomato is an Indian-based food delivery service provider and one of the world’s food delivery market aggregators. It started serving the food delivery to India’s people in 2008, and since then, they haven’t looked back and kept on moving forward. Initially serving India’s major metro cities, they have to go a long way to get success, and with efforts, they are now operating in more than 20 countries worldwide. After getting initial success in the major Indian cities, they quickly expanded their service in the other cities in India, and with sufficient growth, they expanded their service internationally. People in India got fond of Zomato because of their heavy discounts and smooth food deliveries, and they were able to capture the market with trust and gained loyal customers. Now they have 80 Million active users every month, which is an extraordinary feat to achieve. They are looking forward to extending their service in the other major countries to add more success that they deserve.

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Brief Working Of Online Food Delivery Service

Brief Working Of Online Food Delivery Service

The online food delivery service allows the users to order food online with the help of the internet and the service providers’ online platform. The online platform, a website, or an Online Food Delivery Apps, is the main element as the orders are generated and received through it, and it also helps the rider deliver the food to the user’s destination. The customer orders the food from the user app, and the restaurant will receive the order details in their Online Food Delivery Apps and further process it for delivery and food preparation. The delivery person will collect the food parcel from the restaurant and follow the instruction from the Online Food Delivery Apps that they have to find the customers’ location. The GPS integrated with the app will make the delivery person’s job easy to find the destinations, and thus, they will deliver the food efficiently. Thus, this is how the entire food delivery business models offer quality food service to the customers.


The hype that the online food delivery service has created recently is an outstanding achievement. This leading food service provider is gaining popularity and is one of the most successful food delivery providers in the world. There are numerous food delivery service providers in the market, and these five remain the standout of all because of their active service in the market. Food delivery service has many scopes, and the future will be prominent, and it has a lot to offer to both the customers and the aspiring entrepreneurs. The food business evolution came because of the valiant efforts of these business models, who can also be considered the pioneer of the food delivery service. Thus, a food delivery service is one such service on the internet to watch out for.

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Top 5 Online Food Delivery Apps Across the Globe