Top 15 Tattoos in the NBA

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The NBA playoffs have arrived and fans will spend the next few weeks rooting for their team as they aim to go all the way to the finals series. After a grueling postseason, the 2022 champions will be crowned in mid-June. Tattoos in the NBA-

It’s a busy time for everyone involved. TV broadcasters will see their viewing figures increase exponentially while sportsbooks are already seeing activity on the NBA playoffs odds that have been published.

The best athletes are in contention and, as with all sports, some of those players have been highly decorated with some serious ink. As the playoffs continue, let’s take a look at some of the best tattoos in 2022 along with a mention along the way for the greatest designs of all time.

15: Chris Anderson

The player known as The Birdman no longer features in the NBA but no list of this kind would be complete without his inclusion. His body was essentially one tattoo and there can’t have been a more colorful addition to the Association.

14: Brad Miller

Another notable mention goes to Brad Miller. While players opt for macho designs to fit their image, Miller’s most memorable tattoo was that of the cartoon character Scrappy Doo.

13: LeBron James

Still playing in 2022 and looking to take his LA Lakers team to success next season, LeBron is another player with a host of tattoos. Look across his back and you’ll note the CHOSEN1 as his clear highlight.

12: Jordan Clarkson

Utah Jazz’s Jordan Clarkson will be heavily involved in the NBA Playoffs. A clear face tattoo sits on top of his highly decorated body.

11: Kyle Kuzma

The Washington Wizards Power Forward is a man with multiple designs. Of his 24 tattoos, the most striking is the Be Different message on his left shoulder.

10: LaMelo Ball

Young Point Guard LaMelo Hall covers his arms and legs – the most visible areas for courtside fans. His spaceman tattoo with its Sky’s The Limit message is among the most recognizable in the NBA.

The Charlotte Hornets player is only 20 but he’s tipped to go as far as his spaceman.

9: Brandon Ingram

New Orleans Pelicans player Brandon Ingram was among the first to decorate virtually all four limbs. Those multiple tattoos tend to blend in, but they all help to make him truly stand out.

8: Damian Lillard

Team USA player Damian Lillard took sleeves into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As one of the most decorated men in the roster, the Portland Trail Blazers Point Guard really made an impression.

7: Jayson Tatum

Lots of NBA stars like to convey a message with their tattoos. In the case of Boston Celtics’ Jayson Tatum, his ‘I Just Didn’t Quit’ leg tattoo makes everything loud and clear.

6; Thomas Bryant

Washington Wizards Center Thomas Bryant is a man who likes to be subtle with his tattoos. For those who like to be understated with their ink, check him out.

5: Vander Blue

Former NBA man Vander Blue now plays in Uruguay but he’s worth an inclusion for some serious body art.

4: Derrick Rose

New York Knicks man Derrick Rose has recently added a striking neck tattoo to his crowded list.

3: D’Angelo Russell

This Minnesota Timberwolves Guard has gone for the full on approach. Among D’Angelo Russell’s many tattoos, the Muhammad Ali portrait on his right leg is a standout.

2: Marcus Smart

The striking lion tattoo on the upper arm of this Boston Celtics Point Guard is the highlight of his many tattoos.

1: Greg Brown

Everything is space age about the man at the top of the list: His rocket tattoo and Sonic the Hedgehog design are the highlights for this Portland Trail Blazers Power Forward.

Players Needing to Perform

Having a very visible tattoo means that a player is really going to stand out on the basketball court. Maybe that enhanced visibility also means that the man in question has a greater need to perform well.

Not all of the names on this list will be appearing in the playoffs but some will have a clear role to play as the postseason progresses. 

Boston Celtics are well represented in this list with Marcus Smart and Jayson Tatum likely to play key roles as the campaign develops. The New Orleans Pelicans, who have a tough opening draw against Phoenix Suns, are also represented through Brandon Ingram.

But the man who is expected to go deeper into the tournament is Jordan Clarkson. His team are among the favorites for the NBA Championship, and we should be seeing more of him, and his tattoos, as the playoffs progress.

Whatever happens, we can be sure of some thrilling basketball action, along with some impressive body ink, as the 2022 NBA Playoff campaign comes to a close.

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