Things to Consider Before Hiring a Carpet Removal Service

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Removal of carpet

Are you planning to remove a carpet but don’t want to do it yourself? It is understandable since carpet removal is a bulky and dirty job that requires the right set of tools and a fair amount of muscle power. The carpet is attached to the floor with tack strips along the edges to keep it in place. These tack strips are extremely powerful to withstand any challenges your carpet may face throughout its life in your home. Hence, it’s primarily these areas that are the hardest for anyone who tries it himself.

Moreover, the edges of your carpet are covered with thin strips of wood along the edges. They’re attached with countless nails and quickly put you in despair when you decide to try it yourself. But fret not, there are carpet removal services that are going to do the job for you. Before choosing a carpet removal service, there are few things you’d need to consider to find the best service in the world.



Before jumping onto the world wide web to find carpet removal services in your area, ask a friend if he can recommend a particular reliable service. It’s always best to have a personal referral to ensure the service you intend to hire is as good as its slogan claims. Should that not be the case, you’re going to have to rely on customer feedback about carpet removal services in your area.

However, customer feedback can be a little tricky. To ramp up their order position, some services will help people to leave behind top-notch feedback – despite them never using their service. Therefore, the customer feedback may not always be a reliable source to determine which carpet removal is good at its job.


You certainly don’t want to hire a carpet removal service that takes little time to reply to your initial call. Albeit there could be hundreds of reasons why they’re not responding as soon as the phone rings, what are you going to do if you have a question after hiring them? It quickly makes you feel as if your problems will probably never have an answer.

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Moreover, if they take too long to reply to your call, they may not deliver prompt removal solutions for you either. To be safe, you need a plan. Your new carpet will arrive on a set date, and you need to have it all set and done by then. You need to be sure the carpet removal service will turn up on the scheduled day you agreed on.

Do they have the tools and insurance

Do they have the tools and insurance?

It’s not at all uncommon that you come across a seemingly reputable and, above all cheap, removal of carpet service that doesn’t have the necessary tools for this task. They certainly might be a start-up that only just launched and doesn’t have all the tools they need – yet. Without the right tools, it will be even harder to remove your carpet professionally without damaging your walls or floor fill. And it’s undoubtedly going to take a lot more time to remove your carpet, which will reflect on your bill.

Once you do make your inquiries, always ask if the service has got the right tools. Apart from the right tools at hand, your carpet removal service needs to provide third-party insurance. If there occurred any damages during the process, make sure the insurance is going to cover them. If not, you’ll have to spend a lot more money on this relatively simple task that shouldn’t result in any damages.

Do they have the necessary qualifications

Do they have the necessary qualifications?

You may think that carpet removal is not as much of a big job anyone would need a qualification for. They’re only ripping out your carpet, and there’s little that can go wrong, right? While anyone can learn how to remove a carpet and thus offer this service with trained staff, the qualifications would more regard the carpet’s disposal. They need to know how to deal with possible harmful materials while maintaining all safety and security measures during the removal itself.

Additionally, some specific guidelines and rules vary from state to state regarding how to dispose of an old carpet. Should a carpet removal service not have any qualifications for the task ahead, take a step back and choose someone else who does.

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Charges and your convenience

Charges and your convenience

Most importantly, the  main point in hiring the right carpet removal service is their charges. Get an evaluation ahead of time of how much time they will need to remove your carpet. That’s not only an important figure for your bill, but also for your time. You or your partner has to be around when they’re coming to remove your carpet. At the same time, make sure they can remove the carpet at a time that’s convenient for you. Certainly, You need to plan and clear the room from where you will remove the carpet. You cannot necessarily complete it within an hour on your side, depending on how much furniture you have in that particular room.

Indeed, you are most likely going to need someone that gives you a hand at moving heavy items. If you can’t find anyone that helps you out, you can certainly ask the carpet removal service. But they might charge you some extra for it and also need to plan that spare time to remove that carpet. Once you take note of all of these points, you’ll be able to get a quotation from the company. The more extra tasks you may have for them, the more time-consuming your job brings and the more expensive it may get. Be aware that the faster you need to have the carpet removed, there might be extra charges for an express service. Make sure how much exactly the service is going to cost you before you fall out of your chair once you receive their invoice.

Final Thoughts

In brief, when hiring a carpet removal service, make sure to go the extra mile and do the proper research. Avoiding headaches is the main reason to hire such professionals. So take your time and make sure to hire the right company for the job.

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Removal of carpet