The Simplest Video Maker to Add Music to Your Video

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Remember, videos are not just about cool moving images. Videos rely on both audio and visual components to catch your audience’s elusive attention. Most of the time, new content creators tend to focus on just the graphics and pictures. However, every veteran video creator will tell you that stunning videos need robust sound. When your video has terrible sound, your audience will not understand your message. Thankfully, you can enhance audio quality with the help of your online video maker. In this article, you’ll find out what video maker you can use to add fantastic musical scoring to your videos.

Why Does Music Matter in Video Productions?

Nothing can ruin a good video like terrible music. However, most people sacrifice this component when they make videos with a tight budget. You must remember that sounds are as equally significant as images. They work hand-in-hand to make your videos stunning works of art. As such, it is your job to ensure good narration and sound effects. Most importantly, you must choose the correct music for your work. 

Music has the power to effectively convey your message. Though it may seem like a simple choice, your chosen ditty can evoke complex emotions. Music speaks to everyone in an abstract way. Moreover, it can elicit a strong reaction in whoever is watching. If you want your audience to pay attention, the right music can make it happen. 

Thus, you need to add musical scoring to you with the help of a video maker so that your audience can better understand and interpret your message. Music also helps your viewers react to what they see. With the right musical score, you can create better engagement as sounds appeal to the ears, resonates with memories, and touches the heart. 

Top Video Maker Apps to Add Music

Thankfully, you can readily add music to your videos with video maker software. Through this digital solution, you can add a spark of drama to you. Thus, you can count on your videos to surely make a good impact on your audience. Now, let’s dive deep to see which top 5 video editors you can use to help you add musical scoring to your work. 


Anyone who is looking to promote their work will love It certainly lives up to its name, which is a shortcut way of saying promotion. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, social media influencer, marketing specialist, or ordinary person, you can make glorious videos that exude a cinematic vibe. This tool has everything you need for adding all sorts of sound. You can pick the following features:

  • Choose from an extensive copyright-free music library. 
  • Peruse tons of sound effects to add more dimension to your work. 
  • Include voice-over narration via the software to explain concepts. helps you in creating content from simple advertisements to complex explainer videos. This is one of the few video makers that let you use a free version without imposing their own watermark on your work. This means you don’t have to worry about distracting your audience with a free variant, especially if you’re on a tight budget. This tool will also allow you to use customizable templates, stock footage, images, effects, fonts, transitions, and the like.

2. Ripl

Are you looking to make a big ripple with your viewers? The Ripl video maker will allow you to add musical scoring easily with a click of a button from its music library. Sadly, it only comes with a seven-day free trial. If you want to keep using it, you must pay the premium price per month. Access includes using various templates, logos, colors, and the like. With the paid software, you can also take advantage of the following:

  • Comes with analytical tools to check the performance of your videos. 
  • Provide a scheduler that allows easy organization of content for posting and publishing. 
  • Allows cross-media promotions with just a click of the mouse. 

3. Wave video

Make waves online with the software. This highly functional tool assures you can use royalty-free music for your wok to add a sizzle of emotion. Many creators love its drag-and-drop feature that allows easy creation. This also allows you to save your work on a cloud to save your hard drive’s limited space. However, there are two downsides to this app. Firstly, the free version caps your video’s length at 2 minutes max. Secondly, the free version imposes the Wave logo on your work. This means from start to finish; the watermark will be there. Sadly, this can confuse your branding. If you want to get this watermark out, you must upgrade and pay. 

4. Adobe Spark

Who isn’t familiar with Adobe? The full Adobe Suite is a must-have for most professional designers. Hence, they made Adobe Sark as a simpler version for amateurs. You can use this to add music, sound effects, and voice narratives. However, using this video maker means you must deal with the following issues: 

  • More expensive price
  • Gadget specifications
  • A bit more difficult to use than the rest

5. Canva

Beginning a video project involves starting on a blank canvas. In this regard, Canva provides the best solutions to help you tweak that empty slate into something stunning. With this tool, you can use various templates and effects to make an astounding video masterpiece that wows anyone who gets a glimpse of your work. Most of all, this allows you to add sound seamlessly with a few clicks of your mouse. However, the Canva free version also imposes a watermark on your work, so pay up if you want this gone.

Leverage a Video Maker to Add Music

Today, you can use a digital solution to help you make a crisp and clear sound. Remember, this is an important component that you need for all your video projects. Fortunately, this tool also allows you to add effects and voice-over narration. Above all else, your video maker can help you incorporate music into your work even if you’re not an expert audiophile. Keep in mind; music is powerful because it is a language unto its own. Hence, it possesses the capability to help you transform a good video into an amazing one. 

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