The Rich Features of PDFBear: What Tools to Use

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PDF Tools

PDFBear is the best PDF managing online software that people can use on their web. It’s an uncomplicated and straightforward platform that allows you to merge, edit, read, compress, convert, unlock, protect, repair, and even add watermark to your PDF documents. If you wish to use some of its functions, you are in the right place. With that, here are some of the best features to use from PDFBear tools.

PDF Editor

The first on the list for being the handiest PDFBear tool is this one. Many people are using this online software to edit pdf files without having any troubles at all. This PDFBear function will allow people to alter their PDFs in less than 50 seconds. If you want, you can highlight some important paragraphs, and you are allowed to adjust any of your existing PDFs. Start using this handy and convenient PDFBear feature today!


Aside from this great function, users can also use other tools such as the unlock and protect PDF, converter, compressor, and more. Each process is easy to understand and perform, and this online software will provide the instruction you need. You are also not required to download applications to use this PDFBear function, and it’s available to help the users finish their tasks. If you wish to know how to use it, below are the easy steps:


  1. Upload your PDF from a computer or mobile device into the website’s editing box.
  2. After you upload the file, start adding shapes, drawing, words, and highlight texts.
  3. Hit “Apply” and begin the process.
  4. Users can start downloading the newly edited document and save it to their devices.
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PDF Reader

This PDF reader provides users with a convenient method of viewing their PDFs and prints their files after editing. As a convenient and handy platform, PDFBear will allow you to view your documents on your device without the need to download anything. It’s the best way to preview and manage your documents even if you are on the go because you can access this tool from your mobile devices. With that, here’s how to quickly read your PDF files:


  1. Choose or drag the PDF document that you need to read using this function.
  2. This PDF reader will show your files in a format you can view.
  3. You can also share, print, edit, and preview the file if you wish.
  4. Download the document to your PC or mobile devices.

eSign PDF Tools

If you are having trouble signing a contract because you are far or out of the country, you can use this PDFBear feature to make everything hassle-free and effortless. Start signing files digitally in less than a minute and save a lot of time that you can still use for other tasks. If you wish to avoid any complicated and challenging methods for scanning, signing, and printing, PDFBear is always available to help you solve your problems.


This online software is capable of providing great help to add your electronic signature to a document. Upload your documents, add the signature that you want, and download the file. It’s that simple, but if you want more details, here are the steps to add e-sign to your PDFs:

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  1. Choose the document that you wish to place your electronic signature.
  2. After you upload the file into the PDFBear server, your signature will be added soon.
  3. Select the “Finish” button to start the process.
  4. Wait for the process to be over, and you can start downloading the file.

Add Page Numbers to PDF Tools

Numbering PDF pages is easy and should not give you any trouble. This straightforward method of adding a series of numbers to your PDF pages should transform your files to be more professional looking and presentable. Through this PDFBear function, users can add numbers to PDF pages of their files at zero cost. People can perform the process using their computers and mobile phones, and the adding number process is easy to do. Below are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Choose the document that you wish to add numbers to its pages.
  2. Sit back and wait for the process to be over.
  3. Select the area where you will add the page numbers.
  4. Hit “Number pages” and begin downloading the file.


Knowing the right tools will help anyone handle their PDFs easily. If you use PDFBear, you can conveniently convert, compress, edit, unlock, protect, or edit your PDF documents. Start using its function today through your mobile devices or computer. PDFBear is also safe and free to use.

PDF Tools
PDF Tools