The History of Dildos

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The History of Dildos

From generation to generation there have been many inventions in all categories from automotive to furniture and green buildings. But never once has anyone ever thought when Dildo’s were invented. Have they? Perhaps a few have done their research. Either way, this is a fascinating topic and were here to dive into it with you. 

Let’s see how many people use vibrators. According to statistics in the year 2019 alone, almost 54% of women used one or bought one and is thinking of using it very soon. That’s not a bad number. Don’t forget, men use them too. 

There have been some stories, which you may know as myths, of a doctor who invented the vibrator to cure hysteria. However, this is not true. We will get into this later. So, we wonder what began this idea and who were the first originators of this device. To try and get to the bottom of it, we have done some homework for you to enjoy.

Was it Cleopatra?

Back in the early 90s, an interesting piece of literature called the Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices emerged out of the shadows. Written by a lady called Brenda Love (not sure if that’s her real surname, but it’s fitting), in the book, she states that the famous Egyptian beauty, namely, Cleopatra, or the Queen of the Nile (apparently) used a gourd filled with bees to stimulate her nether regions. This was in the supposed 69 BC. For more about this click here

However, to burst that bubble, it was debunked by a historian named Helen King, even though the same theory has been reprinted and repeatedly entered many manuscripts. Unfortunately, the book does not cite any references, neither were there any archaeological proof of this anywhere to be found, so we will continue our homework elsewhere.

Was it The Greeks?

The Greeks weren’t only famous for their geometry, rather they were one of the earliest civilizations that experimented with the idea of sex when no-one else would investigate it.  In the 6th century BC, a Greek physician, aptly named Aretaeus, mentioned in his notes that the condition is known as ‘hysteria’ could be cured using one of these devices and that if a dildo or vibrator was moved freely around a woman’s womb, that it could help with both her physical and mental health.

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Hysteria, for those who are wondering, is symptomatic of fainting, aggression, and farting…according to the diagnosis that Aretaeus did. So, again, apparently, it can cure all the above. What do you think?


The Chinese then?

As the years went by, and after the Greeks experiments, the Chinese, about 800 years ago, came up with the cock ring or the lambi, which still exists till today, the only difference is, it was made out of the eyelid of the goat and still had its eyelashes on, which was supposed to pleasure the woman. We are not sure if it worked or not. Different versions of these can still be found online on sex toy stores, made from plastic or fiberglass materials. 

Okay, we will move on. Let’s take a big leap step into the 1800s. 

Did the Western World Invent it?

Here the idea was that doctors in the Western world invented it and used it to masturbate hysterical women. Due to the industrialization of this part of the world, the advent of medicine was scarce. 

This is where the English physician, Mortimer Granville stepped in to save the day and invent the electric vibrator somewhere around the early 80s and towards the dawn of the 90s and then other similar products were introduced such as the ‘manipulator’ which was steam powdered, which may or may not be everyone’s cup of tea, however, others exist on the market too. You can check or similar sites to know more.

Evidence is still scarce until today, regarding the cure for Hysteria or that doctors masturbated their patients. Perhaps it never happened or perhaps it happened behind closed doors and no one recorded these experiments. 

Even though Granville’s vibrator was invented to treat hysteria, it was also used by many for pain, indigestion, heart pain, and irritability in men. 


Moving on to the 1900s.

The 1900’s and the Vibrator

When the American Medical Association labeled vibrators a delusion in 1915, the vibrator and dildo industry changed their approach and promoted them as household appliances instead, and for both men and women of all ages. These were run on famous broadcasting networks and lifestyle magazines and public newspapers as well, such as the New York Times. While others were even placed in publications created for the Christian communities.  

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This began the sale of various vibrators in retail stores, appliance stores, mail-order catalogs and magazines in all shapes and sizes. They were starting to become quite popular amongst the masses. Because the demand started to grow, various resources also claimed that theirs were tried and tested by famous male and female models, which grew people’s attention tenfold.

In the early 1900s, because the idea of masturbation was a shameless act to do and people never spoke about it and was taboo, it was never mentioned in any of the advertisements but were insinuated using images and strategic copy. They also adopted the same principles as the contraceptive industry did, they focused on the non-sexual uses of it using euphemisms, and it worked. 

In any case, we’re now in the late 1900s.

Late 1900’s – 2018 and The Rabbit

We have come a long way with this one fascinating device, made for pleasure. Now when looking around, not only is it an openly discussed topic but the variety of the dildos, are immense. Trade shows about sex showcase them, teachers talk about them to their pupils, parents educate their kids about them and friends to go out shopping together for them.

The rabbit vibrator, first shown on the famous television series ‘Sex and The City’, hit the streets by the loads. Women everywhere were buying it and using it for many purposes. Men too. Now, these are as easy to buy as groceries from a grocery store. For further useful content click here. Unfortunately, some countries still consider it taboo and prohibit the use and carrying of a dildo, but they’re leaning towards an opening to the idea. How soon this will happen, no one knows.

The History of DildosGreeksMoving on to the 1900s
The History of Dildos