The Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment for Addiction

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They way we smell is much more relevant than what we tend to believe. It defines us and creates a concept about who we are and our emotions. 

Even though it is widely spread that humans are not good smellers, this have proven to be false. Of course, we are a visually driven society, which means that our eyes seem to be much more important to us than our nose. However, that does not mean we do not get information through smell. 

Despite what it is believed, our sense of smells pays a major role in how we relate with each other and how we feel in a particular context. 

Know you own scent

Everyone of us has a particular body and skin smell that is unique. How your metabolism works, your activities, emotions and what you eat, as well as many other factors related with your personal life, contribute to create your own scent.

Learning about your own smell is crucial in order to choose the right perfume for you. The market is packed with fragrances of different tones. From the sweet floral YSL Mon Paris to the woody fragrance of Terre D’Hermes, there are thousands of scents available. In this context, choosing the one fragrance that is perfect for you can be a bit intimidating.  

Fortunately, there are some tips you can follow in order to find the scent that best assimilates with your body and skin smell. Read our guide below to find the right tips to find the perfect scent for you.

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Looking for the best perfume for you

When we spray a scent over our skin and clothes, the smell of the fragrance mixed with our own smell. That is the reason why perfumes are very personal. Therefore, although every bottle of YSL Mon Paris will have the exact smell, that scent will not smell the same every woman.

Your body creates a new fragrance with the perfume you wear, so it is very important to learn about how you smell. This can be very challenging, because we do not get to smell ourselves. However, there are still some tips that we can follow.

For instance, in order to determine our smell characteristics, we can avoid taking a shower or using any deodorant after working out. After two ours, you will be able to feel your own smell. It is recommended that you take notes one how you feel about it in order to remember it later.

Learning about your own odor will help you find the perfect scent to pair it. Fragrances described through notes that determine the overall scent. For instance, a floral scent may contain notes such as jasmine, geranium or rose, while other may be fruitier, with citrus or blueberry notes. 

There are many types of fragrances, according to their notes. Michael Edwards’s fragrance wheel is a great tool in order to get an insight into the different perfumes. It has a complete description the most used scents, which is quite helpful if you are willing to learn a little bit more about scents. It always is important to decide which types of perfume you prefer before making a purchase decision.

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Low-cost fragrances

After you found the perfect scent, you might feel a little bit disappointed at the prices of high-end perfumes. The most popular fragrances in the market are indeed so expensive that only a few can wear them on a daily basis.

Fortunately, a new approach on fragrances production and commercialization is raising. Nowadays, there are many companies, such as Dossier, that are selling high-end perfumes at affordable prices.

Some of the most popular brands in the market inspire most of Dossier catalogue. You will find scents that smell just as Tom Ford’s Metallique, YSL’s Black Opium, Creed’s Green Irish Tweed, Le Labo Fragrances’ Santal 33 among other class a perfumes, but at least than a half of the cost.

At Dossier you can buy a 50 ml bottle of perfume at U$S 29 and use it everyday without counting how many sprays you apply yourself.

Furthermore, Dossier produces scents that not only are safe, but also ethical, sustainable vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. - foto - foto 2
The Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment for Addiction