Tattoos as Casino Advertisements

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Casino Advertisements

Mad casino ads appear more often abroad, especially in the United States. There are experts who do not hesitate to give large sums of money for such promotion because they know that it worth it. According to the proven rule – the casino advertisements always wins. Let’s take a look at some bizarre examples of crazy casino advertising.

Working in today’s market is sometimes a difficult job. Companies often come up with really bizarre and crazy ideas to show their brand to as many people as possible. Online Casinos are no exception, and some are not afraid of controversy. For example, the American Casino Golden Palace caused a real hype on the US Open golf tournament in 2003.

The casino sent a half-naked lady who had a very distinctive sign on the body of the site. It is hard to say whether the gentlemen present were more interested in what they found right under the sign. Given the reasonably strict dress code that needs to be followed on golf courses, the uncovered lady was media bust.

Tattoo on Forehead

The already mentioned Online Cricket Betting ID also causes another case. This time the whole event went even more to the extreme – forehead advertising.

For ten thousand US dollars, Kari Smith had a Canadian internet casino ad tattooed on her forehead. A thirty-year-old woman who auctioned off an unusual advertising spot at eBay’s online auction room said she would give money to study her eleven-year-old son.

I would do anything for him, and this is a little thing for me,” she says. “It’s a little sacrifice to create a better future for my son. A lot of other people think I’ve done a stupid thing. To me, $ 10,000 is like a million dollars to someone. I only live once, and I did it for my son,” says Kari.

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Father, Don Brouse, said that tattooing the casino name sign on Smith’s forehead took him and his staff nearly seven hours.

Much more money got boxer Bernard Hopkins, who fought the entire match with the website painted on his back for $ 100,000. Although, as a result of sweating, the inscription was blurred at the end of the fight. But it worked since the traffic tripled after the boxing match.

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Casino Advertisements