Trending Tattoo & Hollywood Body Jewelry to Have This Summer

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Tattoo & Hollywood Body Jewelry

Flip Flops, palm trees, sandy beaches, and the sound of waves will immediately come up in your mind when you hear of summer. Of course, there are outfits for different locations and times during summer. But what about the designs in Hollywood body jewelry? Nonetheless, what would you like to go for when it comes to going for tattoos this summer? Adding some kind of a funky style in trending tattoo and Hollywood body jewelry can help you in enjoying your day at the beach, dinner in the evening, or any other outdoor activity.

Trending Tattoos This Summer

The season of profusely heated waves might not be the best time to go for a tattoo, but when you come across the designs currently trending, you might go with the tune. From the back to the thighs, placement trends have taken social media platforms by storm. The four sweetest body spots you need to consider inking this summer are:

  • Dainty tattoos on the thighs. They bring about bold, clean, and thick lines.
  • Just like tattoos on the wrist, the ones on shoulders are perfect for individuals who like to keep their real estate impressive.
  • The best thing about back tattoos is you get a lot of surface area to have the best of creativity inked.
  • Ankle tattoos are also popular, but if you get them in designs twisting from the side and finishing right under the ankle.
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Trending Hollywood Body Jewelry

It is quite obvious for people to think about different new ways of decorating their bodies when it is finally time to shed those winter layers. Summers are the perfect time to highlight Hollywood’s body jewelry. For the ones who are thinking about donning their new piercings this summer, here are some ideas that can prove to be highly impressive.

Ear Chains

Chains are the hottest trends at the moment. You can add a very bold statement to your piercing by going for excellent Hollywood body jewelry chains. Starting from the nose to the ears, lobes to cartilage along with body chains, belly chains, and rooks, you can have them all around your body. However, the most popular of them all is the ear cuff chains. Even barbell to barbell ear chains connecting cartilage piercings into one has also gained huge popularity. Spikes, stars, hearts, dream catchers, crosses, and simple chains are some popular styles in this category.

Hollywood Body Jewelry- Dangle-Style Belly Rings

A minuscule but charming little dangling belly ring in the naval proves to be the perfect piece of accessory for almost any kind of summer outfit. Intricate reverse style dangles, or even the standard rings can offer a lot of oomph to your beach costume.

Pearl Circular or Straight Barbell Rings for Nipple Piercings

You can take advantage of the hot summer days and wear a tight t-shirt for showing off your nipple jewelry. Pearl straight or circular barbell nipple rings are the perfect way of revealing the piercings.

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Hollywood body jewelry is all about the use of varied materials like Teflon, silver, gold, glass, and stone. You can choose pieces in any of these materials to create an appealing appearance this summer. 

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