Tattoo – A Cool Way To Showcase Your Personality !

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Showcase Your Personality

Tattoos nowadays are a global trend and it showcase your personality. It has a great impact on one’s personality as some tattoos look attractive and usually have a meaning in it. One should be aware of the impacts and consequences of engraving a tattoo on their body because sometimes, people get tattoos out of the excitement, and struggle due to the complications afterwards. 

Today, some prominent and respected leaders have also adorned their bodies with tattoos. Its designs could be seen at a vast range in any of the social media platforms where many freelancers and organisations showcased their tattoos. 

Tattoo Motivation And Their Medical Effects

There are different reasons and motivations for getting a body tattoo. Nowadays, people get a tattoo for some personal reasons, to show interest or belief, religious reasons or impulsive tattooing when one is under high drug pressure. No matter what the motivation is, tattooing has benefits as well as disadvantages or serious impacts on our body. This trend is continuously increasing in school and university going students. 

Permanent tattoos inject hazardous chemicals into the body which causes various problems because modern tattoos are mostly performed with a needled machine due to which a pigment enters the epidermis and dermis. There are several pigments and materials used in tattoos which are usually harmful to the body. Students and some organizations are still not aware of the injurious materials being used while tattooing a body. 

The most dangerous is the cosmetic tattooing which involves a dermal injection of harmful pigments into the body to change the shape of lips, eyes or face. These pigments have their adverse effects in later life which could be seen as body reactions or sometimes, it may result in skin cancer. 

Tattoo Motivation And Their Medical Effects

A Visual Pleasure With Meaning

Tattoos give immense pleasure to some people as it looks really attractive to the viewers. Tattoos have been used for thousands of years to show any emotion, desire, or anything else by a figure or a picture engraved on a visible part of a body. Not only tattoos but piercings are also in trend. There are various types of tattoos which includes:

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Traumatic Tattoos: These are the accidental tattoos in which some chemicals like asphalt, sand, petroleum are forcibly injected into the dermis which results in leaving some shapes behind.

Permanent Tattoos: It is a kind of image or a figure made by tattoo machines consisting of needles. Permanent tattoos usually stay on the body until it is removed. These are made to express feelings or showcase something special. It inoculates pigments and inks into the body which cause harmful effects in the long run. 

Temporary Tattoos:

Temporary ones look exactly like the permanent ones but are made by paint or airbrush or even custom printed tattoos which usually stay for a few days. For temporary tattoos you can check their website StickerYou. Some people go for temporary tattoos first before a permanent one because they just want to see how it will look or sometimes, they want to fulfil their dream of getting a tattoo. 

Professional Tattoos: These kinds of tattoos are made or created by certified professionals at their place usually with a tattoo machine with needles. Professionals use different kinds of colours, pigments and dyes for creating a perfect tattoo. 

Amateur Tattoos: These tattoos are usually made at home with a single ink color and with a single needle whereas permanent and temporary tattoos are made with several colors.  

Cosmetic Tattoos: Cosmetic tattoos are usually made either to increase the appearance of any body part or to paint a permanent mask on any deformity. Cosmetic tattoos generally have adverse effects in one’s later life. 

An Alternate!

Some people make tattoos to support a particular campaign or share a general idea. Instead of engraving an image or a figure on your body, you can try wristbands which can help you share your idea easily and on the other hand, protect your body from harmful chemicals. Customized wristbands can also be a way out to spread your ideas or show desires or emotions towards a particular thing. 

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Chemical Removal Of Tattoo

Many people, at first place, make permanent tattoos out of excitement and regret afterwards because they no longer love it. There is a way where we can remove a permanent tattoo through a tattoo removal machine but it will not remove the whole image and leave some scars behind. Moreover, a tattoo is never removed in one sitting, it needs at least 3-4 sittings to remove 90% of the tattoo. 

Removal of a permanent tattoo has its adverse effects in later life because some harmful chemicals are used to remove the tattoo, so beware of the consequences before deciding to make a tattoo. There are also some latest developments in tattoo removal which results in easier and safer removal but at the same time, it is more expensive.


Though many infections, in the long run, are attached to making a tattoo, these risks can also be minimized if proper precautions are taken by the professional. Precautions include wearing sterile gloves and a proper environment. Henna is considered to be a safe product instead of harmful materials. So, just make sure from your professional if he is using the safe brown coloured henna and not the black one. 

Tattooing is in trend and is made by people on various parts of the body. No doubt, it gives visual pleasure to the eyes but there are some hazardous effects attached to it. So, use safe brown henna for tattooing and be safe!

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Showcase Your Personality