Keeping Love Alive in a Long-Distance Relationship During the Pandemic

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Being in a long-distance relationship is difficult, but the pandemic has made it even harder. Suddenly, because borders were closed, you cannot fly to where your beloved lives to celebrate holidays and special events. Although Lovers/you are pretty much used to communicating via texts and video calls even before the current public health crisis, knowing that you cannot visit them adds feelings of loneliness.

It is not an excuse, however, to let the fire of your relationship fizzle because of the lockdowns. The pandemic stops you from seeing your partner up close, but there are other romantic gestures that do not require you to break protocols against COVID-19. Here are a few ideas that will make your girlfriend or boyfriend swooning — but from a safe distance.

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Spoil Them With Gifts

You can practically buy anything you would want or need online nowadays. Especially during the pandemic, online shopping has become the primary way of procuring goods while social distancing.

But, do not just buy anything from Amazon. Gifts are most special if there is thoughtful consideration behind them.

One good gift you can send your partner are personalized engraved rings. Get one for the both of you to show your loyalty and commitment, even if you are miles away from each other. Rings signify a promise that, when this is all over, you two can reunite.

If your loved one is feeling a little stressed, send them a self-care kit. You can purchase a bath bomb, face masks, lotion, foot scrub, scented candles, and other products they can use to create a spa-like experience without leaving the safety of their home.

During the pandemic, they also probably transitioned to a remote work setup. If you can, send them supplies that they would need in their new home offices such as a comfortable chair, a desk, a laptop stand, and a coffee maker.

Have a Movie Night 

Going on a socially-distant date is easier than ever thanks to Netflix. With Netflix, you and your partner can watch a movie or television show simultaneously, making you feel that you are close to each other even if you are not.

Make sure to install Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party), an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to synchronize the playback of your chosen video. There is also an option to chat while you watch so you can react and discuss what you are watching in real-time.

Lovers Candle-Lit Dinner… on Zoom

It is possible to have a romantic dinner date while you are apart. All you need is a laptop or a tablet and software for video calls such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Duo.

As for food, you can decide to cook your meal or order dinner, but it has to be ready at the same time. Set the table with your fanciest dishware, flowers on a vase, and, of course, candles.

Most importantly, dress up for the part. Wear your nicest shirt and, if you want, shave. Do whatever you normally do when you go on a date.

Go on Walks with your love

Walking outdoors, right now, is a luxury and it can sometimes be therapeutic. You can accompany your loved one in their daily walks by talking on the phone the whole time.

You can use it as an opportunity to chat, get an exercise, and have a breath of fresh air. It will make going on walks a lot more fun and less lonely.

Lovers Send Hand-Written Love Letters

The act of writing a love letter should come back in style because it is such a sweet and wonderful gesture to sit down and express your emotions on paper.

Although Lovers daily “Good Morning” messages via texts are sweet, nothing beats the joy and excitement of receiving a love letter. It might make her eager to check her mail again after years of receiving credit card and utility bills or coupons.

Wondering what to write about? Tell them about how you miss them, what has been happening in your life, and how much you love them. Encourage them to write back to you, too. Down the line, when the pandemic is over and you are able to reunite, you can look back to these letters and be reminded of how much you love each other.

It is important to always look for ways to strengthen a relationship regardless if you two are together but especially when you are apart. It takes a lot of work, but all relationships, whether friendship or romantic, require effort to maintain. Doing any of these tips can keep the fire burning between you and your partner during the pandemic.