How to Style a Tweed Jacket: From Classic to Modern Look

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Style a Tweed Jacket

In each man’s apparel, there should be a timeless piece. It’s a piece that you can combine with your existing wardrobe, while wearing it to a business meeting or a brunch. Well, if you don’t have such a piece yet, let’s introduce you to tweed. Tweed is extremely popular due to its resistant fabric. It’s a material that keeps you warm, so people wear it the most during winter and autumn. However, it’s also stylish and you can wear it with a bunch of different looks. From classic to modern, read out here how to Style a Tweed Jacket.

Brown Tweed 

Brown Tweed

First, you want to make sure you get some quality tweed jackets, like Studio Suits tweed jackets. Then, you want to make a color distinction between the tweed. 

The beauty of tweed material is that you can combine it and wear it according to its colors. So if elegance is your thing, you can’t go wrong with a brown tweed. It’s a refined look, highly resembling the gentlemen of old, mostly of English heritage. 

Don’t let its vintage look fool you. Pair it up with quality denim jeans, or slim pants of black or khaki color. Pinch it up with a pair of fine shoes or loafers and you got yourself a cup of excellence. 

Grey Tweed 

Grey Tweed

Grey tweed is probably the most formal tweed you can wear, out of three primary colors (brown, grey, checked). The problem when wearing this tweed in an informal setting is that you don’t want to look like your grandpa. 

You have to give it a youthful edge. The trick is to create a proper contrast, pairing up clothes that glow with light and ease. The tweed comes on top like an accolade crowning your amazing style. 

So, to achieve that look, pick a grey tweed and pair it up with a light blue shirt, and a favorite pair of jeans. Then, play up the style with a good silver or silver-looking watch. Stray away from chains and necklaces, which kill the authenticity of the grey tweed. 

Check Tweed

Probably the most usable entry on the list, check tweed goes well with anything. Its playful nature allows you to use it as both a vintage and a modern look. However, if you want to truly harness all its powers, go for an extra mile. 

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What you want to do is to pair it up with a crisp white shirt, and a pair of tailored trousers if you want to go for a more formal look. If you want to down-play it a bit go for regular jeans and a sweater. Click here to see which one suits you better, jeans vs chinos?

However, don’t ever wear it with other checked elements. You are going to overdo it, and it would be a silly waste of such a great material. 

Laid Back 

Going for a laid back tweed style, means appropriating the tweed for everyday occasions. Here, you want to have a good tweed checked, usually check tweed, and pair it up with your regular clothes. 

Now, the thing here is to not overplay it. If you go for hard, branded clothes, you’ll kill the tweed’s authentic look. If you want it to look laid back, pick a proper sneakers like Reebok classic, or some other elegant sneakers. However, it’s better to go for shoes. 

Finally, play it out with plain shirts and sweaters, and proper denims. Bring the new cool to the streets. 



As its name states, it’s a casual yet elevated look. This is great for business meetings, or if you are circulating a lot in the office environments. Also, a great thing about it is that you can do this style with a sensible amount of money. 

When you picture this type of style, quickly do a Google search and type the names of the greats like Woody Allen, George Orwell, Dirty Harry, and even Doctor Who. You want that academic look. 

So, go for a pair of loafers, tailored pants or slim pants, and a sweater. Pair it up with an appropriate grey tweed, and voila. You’ve got yourself some high fashion. 


Now, we’ve gone through these different styles, but it’s time to mention elegance. While tweed is an elegant material, you can always bring it to another level. Here’s what you can do. 

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Pick a gray tweed blazer and pair it up with a white shirt and navy blue pocket square. The idea behind the look is that it dominates the office spaces, and generally places where the high sense of fashion is mandatory. 

It’s not too flashy, but it’s more than appropriate to be called a high-class look. 



This is for classy people mostly. When you want to achieve this look, you want to dress for an occasion. Wearing it outside the occasion or an event might lead to inappropriate looks. So, here’s how to do it. 

First, don’t use any accessories like necklaces and bowties. Second, go for a linen shirt, and make it blue, and pair it up with white or cream chinos. Finally, crown the look with a tweed blazer and you are ready for brunch.  

Now, you are ready to truly shine. Being a star of the brunch has never been easier. 


Finally, you want something of a business combination. Unlike the smart-casual variant, this combination is meant for people who are business-first. They want a great look, yet modest enough to not get into a way of business. 

So, you can do it like this. Get a brown tweed blazer, grey chinos, and a classic blue shirt. The warm color of the blazer plays out the blue shirt, while both are grounded by the chinos. Or, in layman’s terms. You are going to look elegant and not too flashy. 

Now, you are ready to be the rockstar of the business environment. 

Wear it with Style

Finally, it all comes down to your needs and environment. You can wear in business or a casual setting alike. 

So, the only thing that’s left is to get yourself a tweed blazer. It accompanies a man accordingly.

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Style a Tweed Jacket