Social Studies Learning: Media, Instructions and Tasks amid COVID-19

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Social Studies Learning: Media

Coronavirus pandemic has brought about a disruption in every sphere of life, be it manufacturing industries or corporate sectors. In the world of academia, it has hampered the education process for around 70% of the world’s population. Here are social studies learning amid COVID-19.

As far as Social Studies is concerned, teachers are relying on technology to instruct their students on assignment writing. In addition to this, they are employing a variety of platforms to continue the teaching process. So, let us have a detailed look. 

Platforms Used for Social Studies eLearning

Highlighted below are the frequently used media for remote learning amid COVID-19. 

  • Videoconferencing Platforms like Zoom

As soon as the lockdown measures were imposed worldwide, universities and schools started using videoconferencing platforms. This has been the only means to conduct online social studies classes. Some of the applications that the teachers and students are using include Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, Google Meet, etc. 

In addition to this, students have been interacting with each other via Face Time and WhatsApp video call. Teachers and senior administrators are also using these applications to hold meetings regarding postponement of tests, course structuring, study schedules, etc.

Videoconferencing Platforms like Zoom

  • Communication Media like WhatsApp

For communication purposes, teachers and students are heavily dependent on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. They convey important instructions on psychology, sociology and anthropology through these media. 

In addition to this, if any chapter is left untouched, students are conveying that message to the teachers. Based on that, classes are being arranged as per the convenience of the students. Professors are also sharing tips on how to study the subjects amid COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Robust Platforms like Microsoft Teams 

Specific platforms offer a one-stop solution to all the requirements. Microsoft Teams is one such application. Through this platform, teachers and students can share resources, hold sessions, chat, and send assignments and much more. In addition to this, students can save a large number of files. 

Thus, learners can store the instructions laid down by their professors, the syllabus and course materials. Keeping the guidelines in mind, they are solving assignments and making notes for their exams. Most importantly, the professors are sharing sample questions for the students to work out and test their knowledge via such platforms. 

  • Doubt Clearing Classes on Facebook Education Groups
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Doubt clearing sessions are extremely crucial for having a clear insight into the subject matter. For instance, a student stumbles upon an argument that he or she is unable to understand while studying borderline personality disorder. In such cases, the student can consult the teachers via Facebook education groups. This is because 74% of college students use Facebook. 

Similarly, students have formed forums online so that they can discuss the critical topics in other subjects. In this way, they are dealing with important chapters like the Rise of Nationalism in Europe, Novels, Society and History. Even school students are taking the help of Google Classrooms to clarify their doubts on social science subjects. 

Important Instructions Put Forward by the Teachers 

Now it is time to take a look at the crucial pointers that the teachers are asking students to abide by. We will discuss the points based on each subject. 

  • History 

As far as history is concerned, professors state that students should take note of the important incidents in an event. Moreover, they should concentrate on the timelines. For instance, if you are studying the French revolution, you should examine the cause, sequence of incidents, battles, famous characters, etc.

  • Sociology

In sociology, one should study each topic in an organized manner as they are all interlinked. Thus, it would help if you spent enough time on chapters like Mass Media, Youth Cultures, and Social Movements. Moreover, students are being asked to solve assignments on these topics from the perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Social Movements

  • Economics 

As far as the global economic condition is concerned, people are staring at an imminent recession. Teachers are asking students to study how online services are faring. Students are also being asked to investigate factors like stocks and shares, business strategies, GDP, and other micro and macroeconomics elements.

  • Psychology 

The psychology of the people is at its worst learning amid COVID-19. People are suffering from depression, anxieties, mental breakdowns and much more. Students are being asked to go through journals, blog posts and newspapers to collect as much information as possible. Based on this, the university students are being asked to provide remedies. 

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In addition to this, there are other subjects like Philosophy, Anthropology, Political Science, etc. The learners have been instructed to observe the thinking patterns, political steps and influences learning amid COVID-19. 

Several students have also taken up social studies courses on Coursera, edX, Udemy to enrich their knowledge. In addition to this, they are also pursuing COVID-19 courses. Upon completing these courses, they will receive authentic certificates which will add value to their academic career.

Significance of Social Distancing in Social Studies 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, universities and schools are assigning students with topics such as social distancing. Thus, if you are looking for assignment help, you should check out the official sites of the World Health Organization, BBC News and the likes. You can even explore university libraries like Oxford University, Stanford University, etc. 

Social Distancing in Social Studies

When you write your assignments, you should highlight the following points:

  • Statistics of people affected in different nations
  • Quarantine procedures and guidelines
  • Hygiene maintenance and the wearing of masks
  • Social distancing impact on the society, education, corporate sectors 
  • Positive aspects of the lockdown 
  • Steps to be taken in the future 

If you mention these points along with graphs, charts and statistical figures, your academic paper will look legitimate.

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Social Studies Learning: Media