Sneakerheads – Here’s 7 Trendy Ways to Lace Jordan 1s

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Lace Jordan 1s

If you’re a Sneakerhead, chances are you have a dozen pairs of Jordan 1s in your closet. However, you don’t have to settle for their basic and standard look. If you want to change the look and fit of your sneakers, you need to experiment with the different ways to lace Jordan 1s. 

Ready to take your Jordan game to the next level? 

Check out these 7 examples that show you how to lace Jordans 1’s– that will have people wanting to cop your style.

Criss Cross Lacing

The crisscross is the simplest lacing style, but it doesn’t mean it won’t give you a fantastic look! This lacing method gives you a clean and straightforward design with a subtle crisscross pattern at the top of your sneakers. It is also one of the most common ways people lace their Jordan 1s.

The Straight bar Lacing Jordan 1s

Another way to lace Jordan 1s is the straight bar lacing method, almost similar to the crisscross. Instead of creating a cross at the top of your sneaker, you create a straight bar across the tongue of your Jordan’s. It gives you an edgier than the crisscross and makes your shoes more comfortable by relieving pressure on specific areas.

Loose, Half Laced, and Untied

This is a stylish way to lace Jordan 1s as it gives you that casual look. You have to use shorter laces like the 63” lace, keep the laces loose down the sneaker, and leave the top two eyelets unlaced, making the laces stop before the upper part of the shoe curves. You can take your Jordan 1s from office wear to happy hour wear without changing your shoes.

Laced To the Top, Untied

Lacing your Jordan 1s to the top gives them an edgy look that will make you stand out in every crowd. You can try lacing them to the top with a pair of skinny jeans and khaki pants. You will use the topmost eyelets but leave the laces untied with this style. And the style gives you comfort and style while showing more of the laces.

Tight Laced Half Way, Untied

Skaters are very fond of this style. As the name suggests, you only lace the shoe to the 5th or 6th eyelet, then pass the laces across the lace holder on the top of the tongue. You then loop them back around the tongue, tuck them into the shoe to prevent slippage, and keep them tidy. You can tighten the laces to your preference.

Tight Laced Half Way, Tied Up

Like the above style, you tie up the shoe while leaving the knot visible. You take the laces to the 5th or 6th eyelet and tie them into your preferred knot. This style gives off a laid-back look while showing the laces off. The style is classic and simple and ensures the shoe is securely secured.

Tight Laced To the Top, Tied

For this style, the longer 72-inch lace is ideal. You have to finish the crossover lacing to the top eyelets of the sneaker and then tie the laces securely as you see fit. This style is ideal for those intending to use their sneakers for exercise or who want them to fit. Whether in the court, entertaining yourself, or running errands, this style gives you a secure, comfortable, and tight fit.

Change Your Look with Trendy Lacing Styles

Jordan 1 laces are perfect for sneaker customizations. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to change the look and feel of your kicks. Before getting started, be sure to tie off your shoelaces with a standard knot, so they don’t come undone when you’re swapping them around. This will help you maintain tension when switching up the patterns. 


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