Shoulder To Shoulder Tattoos

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One of the most popular area of the body to ink and display a tattoo is your shoulder. It doesn’t matter if you are a man considering the possibility to get an impressive black tribal tattoo or a woman thinking about colourful floral tattoo design. Shoulder is a great canvas for tattooing since the shoulder tattoo can be easily hidden if you want to, but can also be shown off when wearing a sleeveless shirt. In terms of shoulder tattoo ideas, there is a variety of choices. Just imagine yourself with a colourful butterfly or amazing 3D spider tattoo on your shoulder. Maybe the image of angry bull or colourful Celtic phoenix on your shoulder will become an intricate element of your unique style? Just give a little bit of freedom to your creativity and imagination, and get your shoulder tattooed with an awesome tattoo design. And do not forget to check out our gallery where you will find some creative and astonishing ideas for your shoulder tattoo.

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