Secret Tips to Hire a House Cleaning Service

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Secret Tips to Hire a House Cleaning Service

With busy lives and hectic lifestyle, we rarely find the time to deep clean our homes. This is the reason people prefer to Hire a House Cleaning Service from professional service provider who can sort their homes for them and make it liveable.

However, with so many options for Cleaning Service Provider in Houston Texas, it becomes a task to choose the right one.

But don’t worry! Read the tips below to choose the right cleaner for your home.

Interview at least a few service providers

Before you Hire a House Cleaning Service provider, you must interview at least 3-5 of them. Assess them on the basis of their professionalism. You should also feel comfortable with the staff. If you are hiring from an established company, then ask if they will send the same person each time or if they will be rotating the staff.

They should be licensed and insured

The agency or the individual you choose to work with must both be licensed as well as insured. When a service provider is insured, they are liable to pay for any damages caused during the work. At the same time, if their staff is injured while working on your property, it becomes the employer’s responsibility to pay for their treatment.

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Define the scope of work

Before you hire someone, be sure to determine the frequency of service required. Do you want them to come bi-weekly, annually, monthly, or need a one-time cleaning. You should also ascertain that all the cleaning tasks on your list are carried out perfectly. Moreover, they should have the tools to complete the job. For example, do you want your house to be vacuumed or mopped? Do you want the baseboards to be dusted regularly? It is necessary to share the scope of work with the cleaners before you bring them on board.

Ask them to share an explicit quote

If you are hiring a cleaning company, you need to make sure that they are not charging you any hidden charges or fees. A lot of new businesses offer ridiculous discounts just to attract new customers. They often end up charging them extra fees and surcharges just to make up for the losses. This can end up being a rude shock once the task is concluded. To avoid being in this situation, it is best to ask them what the quote entails and if there will be any additional fees applicable to the final bill.

Enquire about their cleaning products

Not many people know this but despite vinegar being a green cleaning product, it can spell doom for your marble flooring! This is the reason it is important to ask about the cleaning products they are planning to use. Some people are allergic to ammonia found in common cleaning products while others may find ultra-green companies to be too expensive. You can also check with the company if they are open to using your cleaning products to carry out the cleaning task.

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Decide the time when you want the cleaning to be done

Most companies will ask you when you want your house to be cleaned. They also give you an arrival time frame. So, if you expect the cleaners to arrive between 2-4 pm and then they clean for at least 2 hours, then you would need to set aside 4 hours and be sure you are home around that time. In some cases, it is also possible to hand them the keys so that they can come clean your house when you are away at work. Most people prefer that as they like to come back to a clean and fresh-smelling home!

Do not clean your house before the cleaners

If you are embarrassed about your house being messy, then you need to know that yours is not the dirtiest house they have seen in their careers! They rarely judge their customers. So, don’t worry if your house is chaotic. Just let the professionals handle it for you!

Remove the clutter

While you don’t need to deep clean your house, it is better to remove all the clutter out of the way so that they are able to perform their job with relative ease. Do put away all the junk and essentials away before they arrive.

Deep cleaning is necessary for your house to feel welcoming and relaxing. This is why you must consider hiring professional cleaners every once in a while to get rid of all the dirt and muck hiding in your house.

So, next time you are looking for a cleaning service, be sure to use these tips and verify the credentials of your service provider before you let them into your safe haven.

Secret Tips to Hire a House Cleaning Service