PS4 vs PS5: pros and cons both models

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PS4 vs PS5

Hello to all gamers! Today we will discuss a relevant and a rather sensitive topic: what one console differs from another, is it worth taking a new one at all? We will discuss both external and internal characteristics and PS4 vs PS5. Well, let’s get started:

Appearance- PS4 vs PS5

With the naked eye, you can see a clear difference between the four and the five. Is it true that the latter seems more stylish, more modern? Everyone, of course, has different tastes, and there may be some who don’t like it. But just look at this: if PS4 and PS4Pro are still hard to tell apart, things are much easier with Ps5. Reminds me of something cosmic and super-modernized, doesn’t it?


How is the PlayStation 5 better than the PlayStation 4, PS4 vs PS5?

Let’s start with the processor, the PS5 has 4-6 times more powerful, and this is at least. The graphics processor is 8 times stronger. And this is without fanaticism! PS4 does not support ray tracing technology .. As for memory, the PS5 has twice as much memory installed. The speed is 2.5 times faster than PS4. The PlayStation 5 has an 825 GB SSD, just imagine! (In the basic version of PS4, for example, a 512 GB HDD). The PS5 disc is over 55 times faster than the PS4 disc! This will definitely affect the downloads in games: just imagine how you turn on your favorite game and it starts just cosmically fast, it’s a thrill!

Here is a list of some old games, by the way, Old games that will run on PS5 at stable 60fps:

– Crysis Remastered

– Days Gone

– Dark Souls III

– Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories

– Dreams: now at 60 FPS in 1440p resolution

– Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

– Final Fantasy XV

– Genshin Impact

– Ghost of a Tale

– Ghost of Tsushima

– Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

– God of War

– Hitman и Hitman 2

– InFamous: Second Son

– InFamous: First Light

– Kholat

– Killzone: Shadow Fall

– Kingdom Hearts 3

– Knack 2

– Monster Hunter World

– Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

– Shadow of the Tomb Raider

– Star Ocean: The Last Hope

– Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

– PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

– The Evil Within 2

– The Last Guardian

– Until Dawn

Can PS5 discs be used on PS4, PS4 vs PS5?

Unfortunately or fortunately, no. The authors of the PlayStation Universe specialized community decided to somehow conduct an experiment, after which they found out that it would not be possible to use discs with games for the PlayStation 5 on the PlayStation 4. The disc with the game Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, which the previous generation console could not read the information on the disk, and the authors failed to programmatically eject the disk.

Is back transferring saves from PS5 to PS4 supported?

Yes, it is possible to do this thanks to cloud storage, where the data is stored in a flash drive.

More about Ps5- PS4 vs PS5:

Is there a browser?

This is where the PlayStation 5 can give way to the PlayStation 4, because in the new console model, unlike the previous one, it is not. Why? The fact is that Sony does not see the need for a separate browser application. Some of its functions are implemented in the network tasks of the set-top box. For example, when there is a need for authorization in the systems of individual game publishers. By the way, if you decide to enter a query in a search engine or open a website, you will need to use computers and a phone for this.

Can I share games with a friend on PS5?

Yes, and how! Now it has become even more convenient and easier! There’s now a feature that can link your PS5 console to your account, allowing you to share your games and media in turn. Passing on everything you need to other players, thanks to Ps5 and PS5 Console Sharing and Offline Play, which is also automatically enabled the first time you launch your console. It is enough to give your friend your login and password to enter PSN, he will go into an account on another PS5. Go to Settings > Users & Accounts >> Other >>> Console Sharing & Offline Play. Click on Enable.

After that, the games on your account will be available on two different consoles, just remember to turn on the Internet – nothing will work without it. Your friend and you will be able to simultaneously run games on your accounts with separate saves and achievements. You can even play multiplayer. However, it is no longer possible to connect a third to the same system. As for disks, you can freely transfer them and run them on different systems.

Can I play PS5 games without the internet?

Yes. But this is only possible if you purchased the standard version of the PS5 with a disc drive. Like the PS4, the next generation console can run offline games on discs without the need for a network connection. To do this, simply insert the disc into the drive, run the game offline. One point – the latest released patches do not need to be installed.

Does PS5 support 1440p resolution?

Unfortunately no. According to the developers, 4K and 1080p are more common than 2K. It was simply considered irrelevant, so they did not add it. Of course, you can connect your 2K monitor to the set-top box, but the picture will not produce a native 1080p resolution.

Players, by the way, think that 2K is the most popular resolution at the moment. It is necessary to separate concepts, yes, yes. Since the console positions itself as a game console for a TV, on the market of which 2K resolution and 21:9 format are simply not popular, it’s pointless to wait for official support for 1440p resolution in the raging time.

Let’s talk about good news:

Gaming device manufacturer MSI announced that it will add a special Console Mode to some gaming monitors, with which it will be possible to automatically receive a 4K signal on a QHD screen and support HDR at the same time. You can enjoy incredible gaming on a 1440p monitor even without official support for this resolution.


Here we have discussed some points that, we hope, will help you choose the same reliable assistant in entertainment as ICOholder is reliable in the field of financial matters. Eat what you like best. Not only externally, but also internally. Good luck to you, bye!

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