What are good-paying jobs for people without a degree

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good-paying jobs for people without a degree

You don’t need a college degree to have a high-paying job. There are a lot of jobs on the market that are focused on your skills over education, and they are in high demand. There are many ways to obtain the skills and training required for skill-based jobs, and start to work what you love. You can go through vocational training, an apprenticeship, certificate program, or a two-year degree program. Many jobs are open in industries like healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, IT, etc. Read on to see what are some of the good paying jobs for people without a degree.

Registered Nurse

If you have always wanted to work in the medical field, but are not willing to spend time and money to become a doctor, a registered nurse (RN) might be the job for you. It is an always-growing field, with many job openings. You will need an associate’s degree to become a nurse. The job can involve patient care, working in a nursing home, to public education about health issues. Nurses have a wide field of job opportunities, with room for improvement and further education.

Real-estate agent

If you have people skills and you are organized and detail-oriented, a real estate agent might be the right job for you. Selling, renting and loan arrangements are part of this job and you will be expected to present the house or apartment to a potential buyer. You will need high people and selling skills if you want to close the deal. Vocational training or apprenticeship is needed to start working in this field.

Computer Support Specialist

A support specialist provides help with computer equipment or specific software for companies and people/users. This involves working in an organization helping IT employees or non-IT users. They can work over the phone, online, or in person. You will need extensive computer or software knowledge, people skills, and communication. This job doesn’t require a college degree, but you will need a computer or an IT course, or an associate degree.

Web Developer

The IT sector has been generating a lot of job opportunities for many years now. Some roles do require a college degree, but not all of them. Many IT specialists have an associate’s degree and work experience to back them up. Everybody uses the internet nowadays, and websites are a staple in the internet world. Web developers have all the knowledge of websites, and skill to create them. A good website is an important part of any company, so a professional web developer will know how to execute a website that has been designed by a web designer.

Computer Programmer

Another very viable IT position is a computer programmer. Programmers write, create, and test codes that make computers and programs work. If your logic and computer skills are high, this might be a job for you. You will need to know at least one computer language, like C++ and Java. Programmers can work in a computer system company, financial company, or for a software publisher, etc. This job is very flexible and you might even be able to work remotely. You will need an associate degree, certification for a programming language, or extensive experience and skills in coding. 

Electrical Engineering Technician

If you love to tinker, rebuild, and see how electronics work, this job might be just for you. You will be required to design, build, repair, and maintain electrical components and machinery in your company or for your clients. For this job, you will need an associate’s degree and a vocational program. This way you will have a good start in your career with good job placement.

Power Plant Operator

Power plant operators have a responsibility to manage and control the systems distributing electric power. This job position requires long-term on-the-job training. You have to learn how to control, operate, and maintain machines in a power plant. This can include correcting voltage and flow of power depending on the time of the day. A high-school diploma is sufficient as you will get on-job training.

Subway and Train Transportation Operator

Transportation operators, in this case for subways and trains, are in charge of transporting passengers. You will be operating subways or elevated trains, making sure you arrive at the destination in a safe and timely matter. You will need a high school diploma and sufficient training in operating these vehicles. Another part of this job is the transportation inspector. They are a final safety check for equipment and making sure everything is safe for travel.

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Heavy Vehicle Driver

If you are dreaming about spending time driving on the open road, a heavy vehicle driving job might just be for you. Getting a CDL license and passing the driving test are necessary, and you can book your driving test online by searching for driving test cancellations. There are many different types of truckers, and you will have to choose before starting in the field. Depending on the trucking job, you will need a different type of heavy vehicle driving license. Some of the heavy vehicle driver types are: tanker hauler – transporting large amounts of liquid; hazmat driver – transporting hazardous material; transport driver – hauling cars and vehicles; etc. You can even be an instructor or a recruiter.

Transportation, Storage and Distribution Manager

If you have a knack for administration and management, this might be a job for you. You will have to oversee and manage transportation and distribution of merchandise in a time and cost-efficient manner. You will have to plan, coordinate, and direct all parts of the transportation of goods. You will also have to keep tabs on transport policies. You can be responsible for very large amounts of merchandise in many different fields. To enter this role, you will need a high school diploma and some years of experience in a related field.

Some many more jobs and fields don’t require a college degree. For most of them, you can have an associate’s degree or a course, but you will need skills and training in all the fields. All of these jobs can be very fulfilling and can give you a good salary. Do your research and see which skill you can transform into a new career.

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