Pagan tattoo

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Symbols are a very important thing for tattoo lovers because almost all the time some kind of tattoo does have a deeper meaning for its owner. However, for any kind of pagan tattoo, symbols are even more important because it owns not only a personal but Ancient meaning as well.

Did you know that pagan tattoo vine came from the Anglo-Saxon culture? It represents the moon, and the growing life which means that the tattoo is about mystery and life.

It is easy to guess that pagan tattoo sun actually is associated with life, however, it also represent the circle of life. The star inside the sun is usually associated with some kind of magical traditions. Since the sun itself is related to the whole year, the star inside means the seven days of the week. That is why the whole sign actually represents human life.

If interested, check other symbols. Their meanings are pretty cool as well!

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Pagan tattoo