Outlet Finance Review For 2022

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Outlet Finance, established in 2019, is new in the crypto-based lending market. We have included in our Outlet Finance review all the benefits, Outlet Finance’s investment offers, and risks involved in using this platform; this will help you choose if it’s appropriate for you or not.

Outlet Finance is a loan-giving platform built on blockchain. Outlet Finance is an autopilot system based on blockchain technology. It is different from a P2P (peer-to-peer) lending platform. In Peer-to-peer, people give money to individuals or companies. Outlet Finance permits you to make more than 50x of interest, which you won’t be able to make in the regular savings account. Instead of keeping your money in your standard savings account, you can deposit your revenue in Outlet Finance and earn a profit. There is less risk involved in depositing in a traditional savings account, and the certificate of the deposit normally comes with Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Finance companies offer a high return of interest above 9%; however, Outlet Finance provides up to 9% interest.

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What is Digital Coin?

In Outlet Finance, you transform your cash into a digital coin. Digital coin means the value of the money will be fixed to the dollar and won’t vary like the other cryptocurrencies. Later this money is given out to the borrowers from partners like Celsius Network. The borrowers need to provide cryptocurrencies as a guarantee to take a loan, you get an interest and the money you gave once the repayment term is completed. You can invest money and earn the highest rate of interest. You can start receiving your automated revenue and keep track of your total assets. However, there is a risk involved in doing it. 

The interest received from the savings account is around 1%, so keeping your cash in a savings account won’t help you much. Just imagine if you can get 6% to 9% interest by putting your money in Outlet Finance. Sounds interesting; let see how you can earn 6% to 9% interest by depositing in Outlet Finance? 


Who is Outlet Finance?

Patrick Manfra established the outlet Finance in 2019. It is a Financial technology that uses blockchain lending assistance and allows customers to earn a high-interest rate. They are supported by a blockchain software technology company known as Consensys.

What does Outlet Finance offer?

It is very different from the standard savings account. The traditional savings account is Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). These accounts are insured deposit accounts taken care of by the banks or through a fintech partnership with the bank contract. Outlet Finance allows you to deposit your revenue and draw interest against your money. You can handle this through their mobile app. They enable clients to earn more interest.

Let’s see the few elements the platform offers. You receive up to 9% interest against your revenue invested. Once you deposit your cash, it is transformed into USD coins worth a US dollar. This money is provided to people to assist with their loans through Celsius Network or a crypto-based lending platform. You can withdraw your money from the Outlet Finance account; your money will get transformed into USD and transferred to your bank account at the time of withdrawal.


How to open an Outlet Finance account?

  • You can visit the company website or download the Android or iOS app.
  • To sign up for the account, click on the Open account tab.
  • Fill up the details mentioned on the page like Full Name, Email Address, and Mobile Number.
  • Select the terms and conditions option and then click on Open Account.
  • Once you have opened the account, you can connect your bank account to your deposit cash.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Outlet Finance?

Before investing in Outlet Finance, let us see the Advantages and the Disadvantages that you need to consider. This segment will clear many questions, so let us look at both.


  • Apart from Accredited Investors, it is also open for non-accredited investors.
  • They work with Small businesses, mid-size businesses, Enterprises, Freelancers, nonprofits, and Government.
  • Easy to navigate the website and the app.
  • You can use the mobile app from your Android, iPhone, or iPad.
  • Minimum investment not required.
  • Easy to invest in cryptocurrency.
  • Easy to set up your account.
  • Simple to deposit and withdraw money.
  • Once you deposit your cash, you receive up to 9% interest.
  • You can invest USD instead of cryptographic to receive interest.
  • You received Monthly income.
  • No fees are applicable.


  • Lack of information on the website.
  • No Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation protection.
  • The interest rate is quite low as compared to other leading companies.
  • Cryptocurrency is still developing.
  • Lack of face-to-face conversation.
  • Blockchain technology is new and yet to prove.


Many finance companies offer crypto lending currency that gives you more than 9% on specific coins. However, Outlet Finance permits account holders to deposit money, and they take care of all the loan details by themselves. There is risk involved, so make sure to create a backup plan for emergency purposes and invest in different platforms to be safe.