Online: Myths and Truth About Online Gaming in Poland

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Online gaming in Poland is, just like in many other games across the globe, something new and exciting. And when it comes to new and exciting things, there are plenty of skeptics ready to ruin the party. Some talk against online casinos based on their own personal experiences, and others tend to generalize just because they can. Are things really that dangerous and scary as most hard-core opponents of online gaming claim, or is there a sunnier side to it all, we asked Anna Rosak. 

Anna Rosak (read her bio here) is a professional casino reviewer and digital marketing specialist with great experience in the world of online gaming. She is the person behind some of the biggest sites in the country that help players find the right casinos. 

So, what is her opinion on online gaming? “Online gaming is a legit industry”, she says, “Yet, many people fail to understand that the main purpose of gaming is to have fun, and not to make money. If you win, that’s great, but if you don’t, it’s not the casino to blame.” 

Rosak thinks that in many Eastern and Central European countries, the prejudice against gambling is still strong due to religious and cultural factors. “We are used to being repressed, and therefore, scrutinize everything and everyone. Residents of such countries still don’t see leisure as something worth investing in, and many of them seek purpose in everything they do. That is why they often fail to understand online gaming is all about having fun”, reveals Anna.  

Along with her, we decided to put an end to it! 

Myth 1: All Online Casinos are Scams

One of the most common prejudices in Poland is that all online casinos, such as IceBet Casino, are scams, yet Anna begs to differ: “It’s like saying all flowers cause allergies, or that every dog will bite you! Be careful, and you won’t encounter any scams!”

Anna believes local authorities play a crucial role in endorsing this opinion, as they fail to license enough companies, so players have a selection to choose from. That is why they opt for offshore brands with no proper license and are very hostile towards them. No wonder their experiences are negative! 

Myth 2: All Online Casino Games are Rigged

On the same note, many people believe casino games are rigged. Once again, Anna says it all comes down to understanding what gaming is and how it works. 

“People see an RTP of 96% and think they have 96% chances of winning, which is wrong on so many levels”, she reveals and continues, “Casino games might be based on luck, but there is a lot to learn about them! If you spend some time understanding the basic terminology, you’ll notice they are not rigged.” 

Myth 3: You Should Never Accept Bonuses

“People think bonuses are free money they can cash out at any point”, explains the expert, “Yet, they are far from cash that is up for grabs!” 

Rosak blames not only promotional materials casinos use, but greedy human nature, as well. She communicates with players on an everyday basis, many of whom are surprised when they learn bonuses have to be played dozens of times before a cashout can be made. 

“Bonuses can be very beneficial and are one of the best ways to get familiar with the casino operator. Still, that rings true only as long as you know all the bonus rules and understand them”, she warns.

Myth 4: You’ll Never Get to Enjoy Your Winnings

Rosak warns that this myth and the one we just mentioned are intertwined: “Polish players often fail to understand that they have to play bonus money, and even their deposit, a couple of times before cashing out. This is where this myth comes from.”

She advises taking a look at bonus rules, and withdrawal terms, and finding a casino you find acceptable. Generally speaking, Rosak suggests playing with brands that ask for a 1x deposit turnover, and up to 40x bonus rollover. Everything beyond these limits should not be considered. “Better safe than sorry”, she added. 

Myth 5: It is Easy to Get Addicted

Rosak doesn’t run away from the fact that online gambling can be addictive. That is why she is a strong advocate of responsible gaming: “Never play with money you can’t afford to lose, and never bet more than you can afford.” 

The expert also warns players they have plenty of tools that help in managing both time and money. Deposit limits, win limits, loss limits and time limits are only the few that come from the top of her head. As the ultimate solution, she recommends self-exclusion. “You are the master of your destiny, so you better act like it. There is nothing unmanly or cowardly about keeping things real”, she concludes.