One Day in St.Louis, Missouri

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One Day in St.Louis, Missouri

You don’t have to travel far and wide for exciting things to do in Saint Louis, Missouri. Extraordinary circumstances might have caused a delay in your connecting flight and flight delay compensation might be available to you if you’ve experienced a lengthy delay at departure. Nonetheless, with a few hours to kill, get creative, and discover exciting things to do in Saint Louis what this amazing midwestern city can offer you while you wait for your next flight.

A lifetime of choices in St Louis 

St Louis has been modernized to offer today’s travelers a realm of entertainment and accommodation options to suit both leisure and business travelers. Some people don’t like the idea of trying to see too much in a few hours and to kill time, they look up one destination where they can while away the hours to their flight departure time.

One such place to visit in St Louis is the Gateway Arch and the actual Gateway Arch National Park. The entire 5-acre area has undergone a huge renovation and there are paved trails and lots of green, tranquil spaces for picnicking for a few hours. The Gateway Arch National Park is easily accessible from the St Louis Lambert International Airport.

With the park being just 28 minutes away and with departures to and from the airport every 15 minutes with taxis, car rentals, and shuttles outside Terminal 1, you can expect a relaxing time with your transport being secured.

A solution for the kids

Maybe the idea of dragging a couple of kids around with you while you try to find something to do in St Louis for a few hours can be your worst nightmare. A few hours of family fun might just be what you’re after.

The World Aquarium in St Louis is guaranteed to keep the little ones fascinated and intrigued by this amazing underwater world. Not only can they enjoy close encounters with sharks, there are also interactive exhibits.

The aquarium is found in a historic building on the Saint Louis riverfront and you can be sure that between all the things to look at and to take part in, that 2 or 3 hours will be gone before you know it.

Shark Canyon is a huge drawcard and is the biggest attraction found within the aquarium. You can expect to find no less than 80 sharks and rays swimming in the huge aquarium.

Gardens or horse-drawn carriages

If nature and just sheer relaxation are on your agenda for the few hours you’ve got, the botanical gardens of St. Louis will not disappoint one bit. The 79 acres of extraordinary splendid horticulture is a feast for the eye and you have different garden displays to take in, from the English woodland garden to the Chinese garden to the tropical rainforest and much more.

Of course, the gardens offer much more than this and there are all kinds of exciting things to do in Saint Louis, but with just a few hours to spare, it’s a wonderful place to wait out a few hours.

A travel writer at assignment help says that if walking around a beautiful garden is still too much for you, why don’t you look at spending an hour or so in a horse-drawn carriage? These carriages are a great way to see the city while you spend an hour relaxing while doing so.

The Loop

If action and vibes are what you’re after while you wait in St Louis for a few hours, The Loop has to be the most eclectic place to visit in St. Louis. The reason for this is that many locals and visitors love the choices you get.

For starters, there are well over 100 restaurants to choose from, but lots of coffee shops, boutique stores, entertainment venues, galleries, and other places of interest. Before you know it, two or three hours of browsing and dining will be up and it’s time to make your way back to the airport.

John, a travel blogger and academic writer at tells us more. He says that this street is known to be boredom-free and in fact, The Loop has been recognized nationally for its amazing food and music and the street has been recognized by the American Planning Association as one of the greatest streets in America. You can say The Loop is more than just a street – it is a design destination showcasing some of the best that St Louis has to offer.

Food Tour

To discover all that St Louis offers, maybe you want to eat for energy and you can discover awesome flavors and wonderful ways to prepare food on a 3-hour walking tour through different parts of St Louis. On the menu with these food tours are plenty of fun and entertainment as well as how to prepare nutrient-packed meals that deliver irresistible, mouth-watering flavor and discover exciting things to do in Saint Louis.

The beauty of these food tours is that you don’t just learn about different food and how to prepare them, but you will also learn about the area’s history and highlights. The tour guides are experienced and know how to take you to the best places possible, one of which is The Loop as well as some of the local restaurants.

It may be healthy, savory foods to start off, but you may well finish your tour with something decadently sweet. By the time 3 hours is up, you will also have gained some insight into the people of St Louis as well as some of the chefs.

You will have made some friends and discover , possibly for life. Some tours require bookings but some you can call up and arrange and get your spot.

Massage your aches away

Visitors wanting to explore St Louis can be assured of excellent budget or luxurious outings, and you can choose to rough it a little in the city or wine and dine in the city’s broad selection of restaurants and tea rooms.

Of course, you can also choose to be utterly pampered in the 3 or 4 hours you might have at your disposal and you can expect an enthralling experience on the budget you have when they visit this intriguing area.

St Louis offers many tranquil day spas that offer a host of rejuvenating and therapeutic treatments. Most spa treatments are focused on massage as they know that people just love being pampered and massaged. For a sore neck and back, Swedish massage does wonders and you instantly feel like in heaven – that is how amazingly soothing and comforting it is.

It has many other benefits that goes beyond comfort and relaxation. The massage relieves you of stress, boosts the level of oxygen in the blood and improving body flexibility, all things that you require before and after a long flight. Check out a good spa in St Louis spas and spend an hour to two there – it will help end your day perfectly and you’ll feel refreshed like at the start of the day.


Whatever your reason for spending a few hours in St Louis, Missouri, the St. Louis Lambert Airport is an excellent place to plan. They provide information on their services and facilities inside the airport and with their lounges, ATMs, charging points, and Wi-Fi along with many food options, you can stay put with ease. With excellent airport transportation to and from the airport, you can arrange a few hours away in St Louis and lose yourself for 2 hours or 3 in its beauty and diversity.

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