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NotDoppler is denoted as notᴅᴏᴘᴘʟᴇʀ, is an Android game developer studio. It has developed Crash of Cars and many other popular games that have a worldwide fan-base. Not Doppler is based in Sydney, Australia. The studio was established in the year 2005. In the beginning, the studio was indulged in developing flash games. Later, they shifted their focus towards mobile game development.

Notdoppler’s current app portfolio contains seven popular games. There are more than ten companies where Not Doppler applications appear in the top 100 list. Earn to Die 2 is one of the most popular gaming applications from the studio that has over 100 million installs. Notdoppler games are suitable for the Android ecosystem.

Main Games Of The Notdoppler You Can Enjoy On Your Mobile

Now that you have a fair idea about the gaming studio, let’s discuss the list of the popular gaming applications from Notdoppler:

1: Earn to Die 

Earn to Die is a famous Android gaming application wherein you need to drive your way through a zombie apocalypse. You need to drive to save your life. The game boasts of over 200 million plays. The vast success of the game made the studio revamp the application for a better user experience.

When the game starts, you find yourself in a desert surrounded by zombies. You have a run-down car and a small amount of cash. Soon, you get to know about the mission. It is to find an escape through the hordes of zombies and keep yourself alive.

Play, Earn & Upgrade

This amazing game from Notdoppler enables you to earn cash and upgrade your vehicle as the game proceeds further. Moreover, you can also unlock new vehicles. If your vehicle is not able to handle the hordes of zombies, you can add guns, boosters, and spike frames to it.

Salient Features Of Earn to Die

After knowing about the plot of the game, let’s discuss the primary features of Earn to Die:

The game offers a new and extended Story Mode wherein you need to drive across the country during a zombie apocalypse.

  • At your disposal, you can get 8 Vehicles that include a race-car, a school bus, and even a truck.
  • In addition to unlocking the vehicle, you can customize them with a wide range of upgrades.
  • You will encounter plenty of zombies. You can use your car’s front bumper to say hello!
  • The game from Notdoppler offers a realistic ragdoll physics engine where you can crash into zombies to toss them up in the air.
  • The animation sequence of the game is incredibly amazing.
  • You can also play the game in Championship mode and race for the best time.
  • Once you have survived through the zombie apocalypse, you can switch to Halloween mode and smash through the pumpkins.

2: Earn to Die 2

After gaining huge success in the Earn to Die game, Notdoppler released Earn to Die 2. In this game, you need to drive through a zombie apocalypse. However, in this edition of the game, you have to reach an evacuation ship that is waiting on the other side of the country. To reach it, you need to drive through the city after the city, which is flooded with zombies. Your run-down car and the small amount of cash from the disposal will help you to proceed further in the game. Despite that, you will be at least aware of the situation when playing Earn to Die.

Main Features Of Earn to Die 2

The main features of Earn to Die 2 Android game are described in the below-given list:

Brand New Story Mode

Earn to Die 2 offers an exciting new Story Mode. It is five times longer than compared to the legacy edition of the game. You embark on the journey in the familiar deserts and later delve into the narrowness of cities flooded with zombies. Notdoppler has revamped the game to make it a bigger success as compared to Earn to Die.

Multi-Tiered Levels

The new edition has multi-tiered levels. You can experience the thrill of driving across decayed highway overpasses via underground tunnels. Besides, you can smash through epic zombie filled factories. Regardless of the path you are choosing, one thing is certain; the hordes of creepy zombies. The only way to escape through them is to smash them.

Build a Zombie-Smashing Machine

In this game, you can unlock up to 10 vehicles. The list includes a sports car, a fire truck, and even an ice-cream van. Above all, you can equip each vehicle with a range of upgrades, such as boosters, armored frames, and roof-mounted guns.

Destructible Vehicles

The destructible vehicles increase the difficulty level for the game. If you are not too careful, your vehicle can get crashes.

More Zombies, More Fun! 

Earn to Die 2 is an improved and bigger version of the original web series. It has more zombies, so you will get the privilege to smash more heads. Best of luck!

3: Crash of Cars      

Crash of Cars is another amazing game from Notdoppler that offers a real-time multiplayer gaming experience. In this game, you have to collect as many crowns as you can before they get destroyed. Besides, you can collect power-ups and destroy other players to be on the top of the leaderboard.

Key features of Crash of Cars

The salient features of the game are stated in the below-given list:

  • You can choose between the 8 Maps and enjoy the real-time multiplayer battle.
  • There are more than 70 cars from four rarity categories that include: Common, Epic, Rare, and Legendary.
  • Furthermore, you can get more than 30 skins to customize your cars.
  • The Notdoppler game offers 16 upgradable power-ups. The list includes cannon, flamethrower, trebuchet, and many more.  
  • Above all, the game offers you the privilege to destroy your friends with its “Play with Friends” feature.
  • The game is also available in single-player mode, so you can enjoy it playing alone.
  • Hourly leaderboards of the game can help you to know where you stand in the game. Besides, it also has Google Play Game services support.
  • There is also a mission system, and Notdoppler is planning to add new content to it.

These games have immense popularity among their fan-base. If you want to get more interesting posts, then visit our blog-page and feed the hungry reader within you.


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