Why Get CBD for National Cat Day

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Cats are adorable, and they are more loyal than dogs if they are securely attached to their owners. That’s why they deserve a National Cat Day celebration. Know more about this important day in this useful site here.
The day is usually celebrated on October 29 and in Canada, it’s on August 8. Some of the objectives are to raise everyone’s awareness of those kitties that don’t have homes. Most pet owners also get educated on how they can take care better of their kitties.
On the day of celebration, many cats are getting the pampering that they deserve. This is also when existing owners adopt a new kitty so that their older companion will have a friend. Aside from pampering, you can also buy gifts for your cat. Here are some of the things that you should consider.
What to Buy for Your Pet?
You can ensure that your pet will stay healthy by giving them CBD for cats. The CBD oil or treats will make them cope better with joint pains, backaches, and anxieties. If they are healthy, you can reduce their chances of getting depressed, especially if you always leave them alone for hours.
CBD treats are available in many pet shops, online stores, and groceries in your area. You can get more information about it on sites like https://pethempcompany.com/blogs/holidays/national-cat-day where other stuff is available for you to consider. Cannabidiol is very popular with a lot of owners because of its health advantages. The following pieces of information can help you know more about this product.
Introduction to CBD
CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, and it is one of the many compounds of Cannabis sativa. The oil extracted from hemp is mixed into treats and cat food for the advantage of your feline friend. Felines that experience pain, anxiety, arthritis, and many other conditions are more likely to benefit from the tincture of oil.
Cannabidiol is often dubbed as medical marijuana. It doesn’t make your feline pet “high” or stoned because it contains little to no THC. THC is the addictive and psychoactive substance of weed, and it’s the main reason why smokers feel as if they are in cloud 9 when smoking a pot of marijuana.
On the other hand, CBD can calm your cat’s anxieties, but they don’t have side effects. The pure oil can be mixed into your pet’s food, and you should take it slowly so that your cat’s body will adapt to the new supplement. Other manufacturers put flavors that your furry friend will love, so you may want to consider them as well.
Choose the Safest Products Out There

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Cannabidiol products are still unregulated. However, there are specific guidelines that you can follow to make sure that what you buy for Cat’s Day is safe for your pet. You need to look for ingredients and make sure that they are all beautiful to administer to your furry friend. Check with your veterinarian if you are in doubt and check if the oil is high-quality.
You need products that have locally-sourced ingredients. This is because pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins usually mix with hemp plants that came from unknown locations overseas. Because the hemp is legal to grow in the US, most growers don’t use harmful toxins. The result is that the extracts are purer and safer to ingest.
So Why Choose CBD among Other Gifts?
If you want to know why you should give your feline CBD oil to celebrate its National Day, the answer is the right product can improve their wellbeing in more ways than you can imagine. They might need softer beds or scratch poles, but making their lifespans longer and relieving their pain is more important than their beddings.
It’s easy to look for safe and hemp-derived CBD extracts in the market today. The companies that make them sometimes incorporate spices, all-natural herbs, coconut oil, and almost 0.01% to no THC on the product to ensure its safety.
Others mix in liver flavors and others that can make your pet purr in delight. With CBD products, you will help your cat become calmer and free from painful sensations. This is one of the best gifts that you can give to them in which they will surely appreciate.