Mr. K And His Exquisite Fine Line Tattoos

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Fine line tattoos are what’s hot in the tattooing world at the moment. They are extremely complex tattoos in teeny tiny spaces, ad often include techniques such as pointillism, crosshatching and the use of geometric patterns and structures. There is no room for error with fine line tattoos, and when done by true professionals, the results are mind blowing.

One artist who has proven himself to be a master in the fine line tattoo art is the very awesome, the very unique and the very sought after Mr. K, aka, Mr. Sanghyuk Ko. Mr. K is originaly from Seoul, Korea, and he bagan his carreer as a graphic designer. He is drawn to the intricate details of the micro design, and thus specializes in mirco, fine line tattoos. He currently works at Bang Bang NYC and believe me folks, a trip over just to get a micro piece done by this kick ass artist will be well worth your time.

Fine line tattoos are like little accessories, they compliment your skin and you can get them in all sorts of different places. Mr. K is a king in the fine line department and we have collected some of his most stunning works of art for your pure pleasure. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This brilliant animals tattoo.

animals tattoo


2. This lovely Beauty and the Beast tattoo.

beauty and the beast rose tattoo


3. This cute bee tattoo.

bee tattoo


4. This exquisite butterfly tattoo.

butterfly tattoo


5. This puurfect cat tattoo.

cat tattoo


6. This custom kicks tattoo.

custom kicks tattoo


7. This everlasting diamond fine line tattoo.

diamond tattoo


8. This neat dog portrait tattoo.

dog tattoo


9. This intricate dotwork eye tattoo.

dotwork eye tattoo


10. This phenomenal wave tattoo.

dotwork wave tattoo

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