Most Effective Marketing Tips For Tattoo Artists On Instagram

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Marketing Tips For Tattoo Artists

Of all industries, the tattoo industry is probably the one that spends the least amount of money and time on marketing and ads creation. The growth of social media for marketing, however, has helped to put the creativity in this industry out to the world.If there is just one social media network that is most effective for marketing business such as a tattoo business, then it has to be Instagram. The fact that this social network is purely based on visuals makes it the best platform for marketing your art. Instagram users also have high expectations, so, they are waiting on you to create aesthetic impressions which they use to define your brand. So, you have a chance to impress them from the get-go, promote your brand to your target audience and also attract new clients. Read out Most Effective Marketing Tips For Tattoo Artists On Instagram.

However, it is not enough to just post pictures on Instagram. That is what everyone does. You are a brand on Instagram, so, you have to use your account differently from normal, non-business users. You can achieve the best possible marketing result if you use this social network correctly. To do this, your focus will be to get the attention of your target audience. Your target audience will include Instagram users that love tattoos and have one, users that are interested in having tattoos, and users that do not have tattoos yet but are willing to get one for the first time. You can as well be their first tattoo artist if your Instagram marketing is strong enough and you are seen as a trustworthy brand. To help you build your brand profile on Instagram and win over some customers to your business, here are some marketing tips that you can adopt.


  • Complete your business profile

This is perhaps the easiest step that you will be taking to promote your tattoo business on Instagram. This step is, however, skipped by most businesses for whatever reasons, and there is a possibility that these businesses will lose some of their prospective clients simply because they fill their profile wrongly or incompletely.

Think of it personally from the customer’s point of view. If you are to visit a tattoo artist for some tattoos, who are you likely to visit, the one who has their profile completely filled with all necessary information including how you can contact them, or a tattoo artist without and personal information or contact? Which one appears more serious and more professional?

If you have answered these questions, then you already know how important filling your Instagram profile is. So, take your time to fill your Instagram profile, and do not forget to add your emails, telephone numbers, and links to your site or profile on other social media. This information in your profile can help your customers to differentiate you from others.

  • Display high-quality content

high-quality content

The fact that you are a tattoo artist means that you have a solid understanding of why you should pay attention to even the smallest detail. So, when you put your work out on Instagram, it is not sufficient that the works are good and of high quality on their own. Something as little as the type of camera that you use in taking those photos can affect the quality of your work.

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No matter how cool your tattoos are, they can’t appear as good with a poor camera. The impression will always be different. So, you should also be professional when posting your works on Instagram. Display the best ones that were snapped with the best cameras.

Your creativity also does not end withdrawing the tattoos. If you continue to post similar tattoos on different clients, you will easily bore your viewers. Be creative in drawing and in posting. Your creativity is what will make a way for you.

  • Watermark your works


Plagiarism and intellectual theft is something that you can easily avoid by adding watermarks to your photos. Before you post any photo of your tattoos on Instagram, ensure that you protect it from plagiarists with watermarks. Otherwise, it will be easy for your competitors to steal your art, display it on their own Instagram page, and use it to wow their viewers.

Another advantage of the watermark is the fact that it markets your work and helps people to find you. People who do not even follow you on Instagram or other social networks can see your works with your followers, fall in love with it, and can easily become a client or at the very least a social media follower.

You should ensure that your watermark is large enough to be noticeable (but not to disturb your work), and also distinct enough to be recognizable.

  • Tell your followers about your work and yourself


You must never forget that Instagram is a social media platform and you have followers that are as interested in your natural life as they are in your work. You do not even have to post so many pictures about your personal life, you just need to show a little about your background. Some equipment that you use, your workplace, etc. showing your followers your work process, show sketches and workflow, etc. Even your potential clients and actual clients would love to see how you work and the source of your inspiration.

You will be surprised that these background posts will even get more attention and engagement than the normal professional posts of your tattoo work. Posts like these, especially when they have a lot of engagement are an opportunity for you to engage with your customers and build a relationship with them.

  • Use hashtags

According to a post in Australian assignment help, hashtags are an effective way to market yourself and make yourself more visible on social media. By adding hashtags to your Instagram posts, you are giving your prospective clients and followers the opportunity to locate you with ease. Your posts should contain hashtags that are relevant to your industry and your work, something that describes your style and art.

However, you must ensure that you do not overuse these hashtags so that it does not appear too spammy. For your Instagram post, there really is no ideal number of tags or hashtags that you should use. But between 15-25 tags that are relevant to your post makes sense, so, you do not overdo it. As soon as your Instagram account starts to grow and you become popular, it is best for you to develop a hashtag for yourself, so, that each time someone searches this hashtag, they find it easy to locate you. This hashtag then becomes an important and inseparable aspect of your brand.

  • Simplify your Instagram account management
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Every business account on Instagram loves that their account has real followers that are likely to become their customers and bring in some money for them. But if you have an opportunity to manage your account better or simplify the management of your Instagram account. There is no way that you will get real followers that can become your customers using Instagram bots, but what it does is that it helps you to save the time that you would spend managing that account and instead use it more productively to communicate with your customers.

For instance, you can use an Instagram tool or bot to automatically direct messages to new followers on Instagram. This will ensure that you gain their attention.

  • Ask your clients for feedbacks

Testimonials or word-of-mouth recommendation is one of the most effective ways to win over new people to your business. When prospective clients see that you have satisfied your clients and they can see the comments and review of your customers, it encourages them to become your customers as well.

By asking your customers to leave feedbacks and testimonials on your page, they demonstrate your tattooing skills and encourage others to patronize you.

  • Talk to your colleagues

You are obviously not the only Instagram tattooist on Instagram. So, you can use this platform as a means of communicating with other tattoo artists as well. Create a relationship with them and also exchange ideas and experiences. This could help you to improve your work and learn the processes of other artists. You can also use this as an avenue to stay informed about the developments, new trends, etc. in your industry.

So, start by following the accounts of other tattoo artists that are very popular, like their posts and comment under it. They will likely notice you if you consistently engage their posts and your works and are likely to follow you back. If you want to make it easier to communicate with them, you can use a tool such as an Instagram auto liker. This tool will like their posts automatically and help you to save time





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Marketing Tips For Tattoo Artists