3 Best Tips to Make Your Instagram Strategy Fail-safe amid Corona Crisis

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amid Corona Crisis

Social media is the best marketing tool despite the size of an organization, but amid Corona Crisis, it is difficult to ascertain what to post about your business when so much health and safety-related information is shared on various social sites including Instagram. Many brands are now trying to post supportive content, news, as well as branded content, then keeping in mind the pandemic and showing empathy to their audience. 

Many businesses are doing a great job offering support and resources to raise awareness about COVID-19 via social platforms such as Instagram. According to an article published on Bbc, people associated with the food business including chefs recommend posting useful cooking photos and videos on social platforms to connect with their audience. In this article, learn about the three tips to make your Instagram strategy foolproof amid Corona Crisis. 

  1. Tweak your messaging but keep posting content 

Though it may seem awkward to post Instagram content unrelated to the corona crisis, it does not mean that your business mission is not associated with human or health services, crisis response, or calamity relief. It does not prove that your business isn’t affected by the pandemic. Many brands are walking the extra mile to help people amid Corona Crisis. You need to find some way to share the impact of the epidemic on your business cause or social responsibility. 

Even as a business, you can post messages on how you are delivering essentials and edibles to the people and thus, speaking up, standing up, and assisting to lift the community as a whole amid Corona Crisis. It is your effort to make the world good and work in collaboration to fight the corona menace. 

Your posts will show how a deadly disease such as corona plagues communities, and by educating and helping people, you are performing your corporate social responsibility considering the current epidemic. It will create a sense of emergency and motivate your customers and followers to make donations to fight corona. 

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Take some time out to create Instagram posts that relate to the mission with the impact of the corona. If there is no connection, try to be honest about saying how the pandemic is affecting your business to do your part to fight the crisis. 

  1. Make the most out of trending hashtags

Though using hashtags on Instagram for your posts is normal on this social site, but these may not work amid Corona Crisis. Therefore, you will need to do some research on the type of hashtags people are using amid Corona Crisis. It helps you to figure out and use those hashtags and relate it to your brand messaging, not forgetting the COVID-19 pandemic. Using appropriate content and relevant hashtags will help you buy Instagram followers and likes. If you are new to Instagram, read online literature to find some useful resources. Here is how: 

  • Merge your branded hashtags with cause sector, industry, and popular hashtags to reach out to a wider audience yet relevant.  
  • Leverage Instagram analytical tools with hashtag discovery feature like Keyhole, All Hashtag, Later, etc. 
  • Modify the use of hashtags for each social site including Instagram. The right number of hashtags depends on the channel as well as hashtags that reverberate with Instagram visitors. Your Instagram hashtag may not work for your Twitter posts. 
  • Keep an eye on forthcoming cause awareness days to map content in advance of when the hashtags would become popular or trendy.  
  • You will need to familiarize with upcoming events related to COVID-19 and plan your Instagram content and strategy accordingly. 
  1. Be active on Instagram, answer questions, and share stories 

Besides pre-filmed videos, decide on a time to go live on Instagram to communicate with your community in a personal manner. It will make your audience remember the people behind your business humanizing your task. Moreover, depending on what content type you share on Instagram with your community, it would help you in connecting with a wider audience. 

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You can post the following creatives on Instagram:

  • Let your company founders go live on Instagram & Mocospace so that they can share how they are coping with the corona crisis. 
  • Organize a question and answer session where your followers and customers can ask questions to your team.
  • Share the stories of how you have helped your customers amid the pandemic so that they receive essentials and edibles. 
  • You can post creatives on yoga classes, motivation discussion, meditation sessions, or a how-to video of maintaining hygiene during the pandemic. 


No matter what content you post on Instagram, schedule it in advance so that your marketing team can promote an event related to the pandemic on this photo-sharing platform, and create excitement. Shoot an email or for that matter a social reminder before the event to ensure its success. Try these tips and you will benefit. Make your Instagram strategy rock-solid amid the pandemic. 

amid Corona Crisis